Simplest Way to Fix Corrupted Pages in Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Are you looking forward to a quick solution regarding how to fix corrupted pages in Microsoft SQL Server? Here we will provide a step by step guide to resolve such corruption issues without any data loss.

Page level corruption in MS SQL Server is the worst nightmare for any SQL administrators or user. The SQL Server page-level corruption can jeopardize all your precious data saved on the server. Hence, to know about the database corruption, causes of corruption and the method to fix SQL Server page level corruption at an early stage would be a wise move.

So without wasting your time let’s understand the possible cause of page-level corruption in Microsoft SQL Server.

Possible Causes of SQL Server Page Level Corruption

There are multiple factors behind the SQL Server page-level corruption. All the major reasons are mentioned below, have a look at them and prevent the database file from further corruption or damage.

Hardware Breakdown: If there is a problem with your hardware then you must need to regularly monitor the hardware components of your system so that you can avoid the corruption problems.

Abrupt Power Failure: Interruption in power supply when the SQL database is in use, is one of the prime factors for corruption. Hence, maintaining an alternative to regulate the power supply may avoid the corruption issues in SQL Server database.

Virus or Malware attack: Take care while downloading any new application or file into your system. There are many chances that the application or software you are going to download is infected by the virus. This could also lead to the SQL Server database damaged.

Wrong Update Installation: It is the best practice of doing regular update installation with the latest version. But always ensure the relevancy before installing the update, because a wrong update can cause the database corruption.

After knowing the major reasons for the corruption let’s have a look at the method that we can adopt to fix page-level corruption issues in SQL Server.

Trouble-Free Way to Fix Corrupted Pages in Microsoft SQL Server

The manual method to repair corrupted pages in SQL Server is a very complex process and not suitable for newbies or non-technical users. There is an alternative solution to handle Page level corruption in SQL Server database, user can opt a third-party tool like Emaildoctor SQL Database Recovery that can easily tackle this corruption. This software has potential to repair highly corrupted page from both primary and secondary database files of SQL Server.

Moreover, the software is compatible to work with all the versions of MS SQL Server or Windows Operating System.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover the page level corruption

Step 1. Download and Run SQL Recovery tool on your system. Click on Open to load your corrupt database file (.mdf file).

Step 2. Select the Advance scan mode and then choose the SQL Server version of the MDF File either manually or automatically.

Step 3. Now, preview the recovered database and click on the Export button.

Step 4. To export the recovered database to another server select export to SQL Server database option and choose the SQL Server Names by clicking on the drop-down arrow and then select the Authentication mode.

Step 5. Here, choose either Create New Database or Export To Existing Database option.

Step 6. The software will fetch the recovered database and let you select the database components which you want to move. Finally, press the Export button.


Benefits of using this solution

Quick– Due to advanced algorithms and internal underlying technology of the tool.

Simple– Due to the interactive and easy to use interface of the tool.

Successful- Provide 100% successful and accurate results in all cases.

Secure– Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the database during the process.


Wrapping Up:

Well, in this write-up, we have discussed a simple and effective approach to repairs the corrupted page in SQL Server. The solution mentioned here is the right pick if you want 100% complete and accurate results.

By using the free edition of the software, you can check the functions and capabilities of the software before purchasing its licensed version for further use. This utility is totally free from any type of risk.

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