Sewer Line Maintenance Can Be Quick and Easy

As a home or business owner, you are familiar with the periodic maintenance tasks that must be done each year. Likely, you remember to check your HVAC checked and quickly repair the roof. But have you had your main sewer line cleaned or maintained recently?

Sewer line maintenance is one of the most often forgotten tasks, even though it is incredibly important. Failing to maintain your sewer line can have devastating effects, like extreme water damage and expensive remediation. The best way to avoid further damage and costs is to hire a professional for easy, quick sewer maintenance. Read on to learn more about the importance of sewer line maintenance. 

Common Sewer Line Problems 

  • Grease blockage. Oil, fat, and grease from cooking and cleaning can pile up in your sewer line and create a blockage. Typically, these substances end up in your sewer line via the kitchen sink. Avoid this problem by never pouring any oily or fatty substance into your sink. Identify and repair it with sewer line maintenance
  • Tree root blockage. Tree roots from plants near your pipes can make their way into your sewer line, and eventually, fill the pipe completely! Tree roots get into your pipeline from a hole and continue to grow since they have a source of moisture. Removing the roots is not enough, the problem will repeat itself until the pipe is repaired. 
  • Other items stuck in your drain. Large pieces of food, female hygiene products, baby wipes, and other items may make their way into your pipe. The sewer lines are not designed to handle them, so they can create a blockage. Again, you should avoid flushing these items down your drains or toilet. If you already have this issue, sewer line maintenance and repair will help. 
  • Collapsed sewer line. Slow drainage is a sign that you may have a dislodges sewer pipeline. If you notice slow drainage, address the issue immediately while you still can. Sewer line maintenance will help catch small problems like this so you can have them repaired before they become worse. 

Fast and Simple Sewer Line Maintenance

Sewer line maintenance is the best way to prevent and catch any sewer line problems. Keeping your sewer lines in top condition is crucial for ensuring the proper drainage from your home, and preventing major issues. However, sewer line maintenance is not something you should attempt on your own. A professional can efficiently examine your sewer lines and recommend any necessary repairs. 


Now is the best time to maintain your sewer lines. For the best sewer line maintenance in the area, look no further. Our dedicated team is here to handle all of your sewer lines needs so that you never experience sewer problems. All of our technicians have extensive education and training, so you can count on them to get the job done quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our sewer line maintenance services or to schedule your appointment, contact us HERE.

Written by OKC Restorations

At Oklahoma City Restorations, we base our reputation on the inspections, clean up and restoration process we perform. Each home or business is different, and each can suffer significant damage based on the type of water damage, the materials involved, even how long the water has been stagnant. Our job is to be the best clean-up crew in the OKC area; you can count on Oklahoma City Restorations for professional, efficient, and effective water damage assessment and repair.

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