Seven Tips to Get Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram is one biggest social media platform with more than one billion users, and the stats say that it will grow to 112.5 Million users only in the US by the end of 2020. Instagram uses spending an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020; no brainer that the engagement is excellent.

Nowadays, businesses are struggling to get Instagram followers. This guide will tell you seven simple steps to grow your Instagram followers organically.

Post Consistently

Consistency is a crucial factor in Instagram. Brands that are consistent in Instagram is more likely to get more visibility on Instagram.

Study says that the account posting more than seven posts in a week is likely to have more organic reach, but don’t spam your users with seven posts in a single day plan your post and schedule it in a regular interval of time.

Use Correct Hashtags

Hashtags are one the best way to attract eyes on your Instagram post. A post with at least one hashtag has 12 per cent more engagement than a post without Hashtags.

If you are starting a new account, then look at your competitors and figure out the hashtags that are very well working in your niche and use them.

If your account has a decent number of posts, look at the Instagram analytics and figure which kind of tags are working for and which are not and optimize your tags based on that.

Use Attractive Visuals stories.

Instagram is meant for good photos and Visuals. Create attractive Visual stories and experiment the stories with different patterns and colors. Your brand will be memorable and shareable if you have consistent visual stories.

Add Descriptive captions

An Image is worth thousand words, but that doesn’t stop you in adding a description for the images. As far as I have noticed, very few companies use elaborate descriptions. Try to use the description for storytelling, and that will improve user engagement, and the engaged users are more likely to follow.

Add a smart call to action.

All Social media, including Instagram, are conversion based platform so, clearly push the users to take actions. It is being said that you can’t use the same call to action in all your posts.

If your post is information or some facts, then push the users to “share”, “tag”, etc., If the post speaks about a problem and to “signup” or “try our platform”.

Use Instagram Analytics

Once you posted a decent number of posts, it is time to check which is working and Why. Look at your Instagram analytics and find which type of posts has good viral reach. Figure out the day and time with good engagement and schedule your post at that time.

Collaborate with others

One of the easy ways to attract followers is to collaborate with other channels. The collaboration can be anything like exchanging stories in your accounts or requesting them to tag your business in their post. This collaboration will be a win-win situation for both the business as both can reach a new audience.

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