Packaging: How To Catch Your Customers By Sight In Your Online Store

The first impression is always through the eyes, we are not going to fool ourselves. And the same thing happens in your online store.

It is clear that this first impression is made when you see the product and buy. But when it arrives at the customer’s home and the purchase process becomes a beautiful experience, the power goes beyond.

Packaging is really doing its job, when your customer gets excited about the gift they just received and becomes a loyal customer, who will surely come back and remember you.

And how do we achieve that with a simple wrapper?

It is the first question that you will surely ask yourself, because as a simple box or bag it can catch in this way.

On some occasion, speaking of packaging, I have had doubts such as: «well, this would simply be to put the brand’s logo and there is already a nice box», or «you don’t have to design the bag, we will put the sticker with our logo and ready ».

And this is where the first mistake is. A packaging is not a box to which we put our seal and ready.

Packaging should be the customer’s experience from the moment they receive this box, open it and discover everything it contains.

Let’s take another example: if you buy quality shoes and they arrive in a simple gray box and in the messenger bag, it will have nothing to do with shoes that arrive in an original box, which conveys a good message, in a thought-out bag and neat, etc.

Surely, at first glance, the first shoes will be cheaper than the second, but this is not always the case.

This occurs when you focus exclusively on your product and downplay the packaging. The packaging will make your product different and that I am interested in it only for that.

Let’s look at other examples.

A sweet shop. Yes, candy and candy stores are galore. How to differentiate yourself? Creating an exclusive packaging that turns the sweets into an experience.

How many children’s clothing stores are there? Message in the bottle has known how to do it very well with these packs of bottles where you will find clothes inside. I don’t have children, but I would buy it just for the pack

And what about Say it nice? Giving away some flowers, chocolates or cookies is typical, but what if we can make it different and elegant? In this way, it stops being a topic to be original.

Now that you have seen different situations, surely you have a thousand ideas to give your packaging a spin. Or maybe you already have a packaging that makes you fall in love and that is what makes your customers always be there.

I’m going to show you other brands that have also opted for it and that we have worked on in the study:

Kit it out. Embroidery kits, in which the interior is already original in itself and that should be seen at a first glance on the packaging. That is why everything is in detail, bags, labels, cardboard where to place the threads, boxes, etc.

The style that makes you happy. In this case a lot of work was done. A book always arrives in a typical cardboard box and we didn’t want that. Our goal was that you would not even want to throw away the envelope in which it was sent.

Copywriting and chocolate. This pack surprised more than one last Christmas and many will surely not forget it. And it is that when you put together several winning concepts, the pack must be up to the task.

And you, surely you have bought from time to time by sight. Do you recommend any other product that you want of logo design services provide reviews? Have you been pleasantly surprised by an order by how you received it?

Written by Dominic Lester

Writer and Editor

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