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Technology has dominated every area of our lives in today’s fast-paced society, including the way we do business. Businesses are using mobile applications to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations as a result of the proliferation of mobile devices. The Odoo POS mobile app is among the most well-liked business-related mobile applications. Businesses may use this software to manage point-of-sale transactions while on the road, and by integrating Odoo POS, they can advance their operations.

Odoo is a comprehensive management tool that provides a variety of business applications to handle various business processes, such as sales, inventory, accounting, and more. One of its most well-known applications, the Odoo POS module, offers businesses a simple user interface for managing their sales operations. With the Odoo POS Mobile App, businesses can manage their sales transactions from anywhere, anytime, and with ease.

The following are some advantages of utilising the Odoo POS mobile app:

1.      Simple to use

Since the Odoo POS mobile app is so user-friendly, managing sales transactions is simple for businesses. Users may easily add things to the basket, apply discounts, and finish transactions thanks to the app’s user-friendly design and straightforward layout.

2.      Accessibility on Mobile

Businesses can manage their sales activities on any mobile device thanks to the Odoo POS mobile app’s compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones. With the help of this tool, companies can oversee their sales transactions at any time and from any location, making it simpler for them to manage their operations while on the road.

3.      Instantaneous synchronization

Businesses can manage their sales activities smoothly since the core Odoo POS system and the Odoo POS mobile app are linked in real-time. By doing away with manual synchronization, this feature lowers the possibility of mistakes and increases the accuracy of sales data.

4.      Inventory Control

A robust inventory management system that allows businesses to watch their inventory levels in real-time is included with the Odoo POS mobile app. This function makes sure that companies can keep an eye on their inventory levels and manage their supply with knowledge.

5.      Several methods of payment

Cash, credit/debit cards, as well as mobile payments are all supported with the Odoo POS mobile app. Customers’ buying experiences are enhanced and payment processing is made more straightforward by this feature, which offers a variety of payment choices.


Let’s look at how to incorporate the Odoo POS mobile app into your business operations now that we are aware of the advantages of doing so.

POS Integration for Odoo

The Odoo POS mobile app may be integrated into your company’s operations easily and quickly by following a few simple steps.

Ø  Install the Odoo POS module in step one. Installing the Odoo POS module is the first step in incorporating the Odoo POS mobile app into your company’s operations. By following the supplied instructions, this module may be installed quickly and easily via the Odoo app store.

Ø  Setup the Odoo POS module in step two. The next step after installing the Odoo POS module is configuring it to suit your company’s requirements. To make sure the app is suited to your business operations, this requires setting up your items, payment options, and other settings.

Ø  Step 3: Download the Odoo POS mobile application. The next step is to download the Odoo POS mobile app from the app store after configuring the Odoo POS module. The software is simple to download and set up, and it works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Ø  Step 4: Integrate your Odoo POS system with the Odoo POS mobile app.

Connecting the Odoo POS mobile app to your primary Odoo POS system is the last step in integrating it into your company’s operations. To achieve this, provide your Odoo POS’s connection information system, including the server address, database name, login, and password, into the application. The app will synchronize with the main system after the connection has been made, and you can then begin controlling your sales activities while on the move.

In conclusion, businesses wishing to simplify their operations and enhance customer experience should definitely consider using the Odoo POS mobile app. The software may assist businesses in managing their sales transactions smoothly thanks to its user-friendly design, real-time synchronization, robust inventory management system, and support for different payment types. Businesses may improve their sales operations and make it simpler to operate their operations while on the road by incorporating the Odoo POS mobile app into their operations.

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