Local SEO Tips For Multiple-Location Businesses

Business marketing is a crucial point in businesses irrespective of the size of your company. It may serve various locations along with a robust online presence and branding across all platforms. Thus, the branding for the location where the business functions matter.

The local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are essential for businesses to employ across these channels. And, it can significantly impact the business for the location for which the company appears in searches. As per various studies, it shows that customers rely on online platforms to find local businesses.

This indicates that businesses flourish online on the digital landscape, your business should be visible on Google searches. In case your business doesn’t appear on Google’s search results, contact a local SEO agency Melbourne. They have

Before we dive in to understand local SEO, let us first determine the multiple-location business.

Multiple-Location Businesses

Multiple-location businesses refer to businesses that cater to various locations. A business is considered multiple location business if-

  • It serves in different areas, irrespective of whether it has a physical store or not.
  • Your business has multiple business locations.
  • You’re a local business directory.

Apart from this, businesses must consider other factors. Those are basically:

  • Whether all your franchise stores have the same branding?
  • Does the service rendered or products sold remain the same across different locations?
  •  Whether the locations spread out across states or different countries?

It is answering these basic questions that will help in successfully running an online marketing campaign. An integrated multiple-location SEO and digital marketing that is done through the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne can bear fruitful results.

Tips for Successful using local SEO for multiple-location Businesses

Now that we have understood what multiple-location businesses are let us understand some useful means through which it can be helpful for the business.

  • Perform Competitor Research

It’s necessary to understand the market and your competitors before you start with local SEO. It will help if you analyse and highlight the unique selling points (USP) of the company. It can start with a simple analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and growth.

Understanding your competitor’s game will help you improve your market game. You may do this by implementing local SEO campaigns that encourage people to avail your products and services.

  • Create location-specific content

If you desire to rank higher on the search engine for each of your locations, it is important to create pages for it. By creating unique pages with adequate information on each location, it will become easier for customers to find you. It would help if you optimised the on-page elements such as H1s, page titles, meta description and other details for each area that you are targeting.

In addition to this, you can also include photos, videos and maps that help customers get to know more about the business.

  • Claim your Google My Business Listing

Claiming your business on Google My Business is a comparatively simple process. It allows you to show up on Google Maps for searches in your area. It is advisable to set-up a business account that shares the details of various locations with multiple users.

Google My Business allows you to add more details about the multiple locations your businesses function.

  • Focus on Link Building

The more number of quality backlinks to your website, Google takes a note of it. One way to boost your ranking on Google’s listing is to earn more authority backlinks from some of the local sites. You may also get links from local publications by hosting events.

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