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Dubai the city of opportunities and gold helped the great business to become successful while operating their trading business. The most active business market of the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. About 60 percent of UAE business startups are located only in Dubai. The entrepreneurs have experienced amazing facilities while doing their fresh business in Dubai.

The only problem freshers facing is how to get a trade license in Dubai? The problem occurs when they face difficulty in searching right business party to guide them about acquiring the trade license.

This is why numerous business startup faces difficulty to finalize the licensing process. There is one company that has the best team of business consultants and official links with Dubai governmental authorities to handle commercial dealings.

That company is KWS Middle East, they are among the top finest professional business consultancy brand in Dubai to help business startups getting their trading license.

We will look in detail at how they can offer their support for entrepreneurs but first, we should get some important knowledge about the types of business trading license.

What is a Business trade license in Dubai?

The Dubai business trade license is the official permit to open the gates for entrepreneurs who can start their business in the city. This license is extremely important to avoid any legal actions against the company or owners of the business trading branch in Dubai.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) has full authority to give registered trading licenses to newly established business companies and do the complete background check.

Knowledge about Business trading licenses and their categories is important to understand before continuing the trading procedure.

Types of trading license in Dubai

The major types of business trade license in Dubai are;

  • Professional License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License

This type of license is given to those companies who are providing services to people of Dubai or Worldwide virtually with online interactions and working offline as service companies.

The trading license is given to those professional companies who have 100% ownership of their business and have:

  • Educational Departments
  • Banking Firms
  • Medical Clinics or Health Centers.
  • Marketing and Management Companies.
  • Media Firms.
  • Industrial License

The Industrial trade license in Dubai is made for those business sectors that are manufacturing and supplying raw goods within UAE states.

These factories must have registered land and fully functioning workplaces to operate their business to get the official industrial license.

The industrial license is given to:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Medical Tools Manufacturing
  • Information Technology devices manufacturing.
  • Electrical Equipment.
  • Food industry.
  • Paper Industry.
  • Commercial License

This business category is highly active in Dubai. Many business trading startups are mostly linked with the cryptocurrency exchange market in Dubai lies in this category.

The commercial license is slightly easy to get as compared to other types of businesses. The commercial business examples are:

  • Cryptocurrency Trading.
  • Merchandise Online Selling.
  • Transport Services Firms.
  • Product Delivery Companies.

The Tourism Dubai business trade license also necessary for those startups who are dealing with any activity linked with a tour guide, transport, or registration. After the pandemic, the tour business is slightly devalued but acquiring tourism trading license laws still applicable.

Requirements for Trade License in Dubai

Some regulations must be followed by the entrepreneurs to begin their business trading in Dubai. If any of these rules are violated then they may have to face serious consequences and probably the issuance of trading license might get rejected. The requirements are:

  • The business owners must make a deal with local sponsors to give them 51% ownership of the company.
  • The company should be in the free-zone land of Dubai to operate their business.
  • The owner of the company must have legal citizenship papers and be approved by Emirates Identity Authority (EIA).
  • The business must not be linked with alcohol, weaponry, and drugs categories which are extremely prohibited under Dubai district.
  • The owner must have an authentic bank account in Dubai with a clean record of all transactions and documentation.

License Approval Process

To apply for the trade license in Dubai based upon the business type you are about to start, some basic steps are meant to be fulfilled after completing the requirements listed by DED.

Those steps are:

  • Select the company’s name without any offensive meanings which are listed by DED.
  • Fill the application form for the trade lice in Dubai based upon your business type.
  • Passport copies of the business partners or sole owner.
  • Passport size-colored photos with the approval and stamped by EIA.
  • Photocopies of all legal documents of bank accounts and business deals must be attached with the form.

KWSME Dubai Business Trade License Assistance

Getting the business trade license in Dubai has never been easier with KWSME business consultancy professional team. KWSME are business license approval specialists and official links with governmental bureaus like,

Dubai Court, DED, EIA.

KWSME provides:

  • Local sponsors
  • Trademark registration.
  • Bank account opening.
  • Selecting affordable license fees.
  • Stamps for legal documents.

KWSME is helping entrepreneurs acquire their Dubai business trade license in a hassle-free procedure.

Feel free to visit and create your future in Dubai.


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