5 Reasons Why Custom Packaging Is So Important for Your Business

As exciting as the process of creating individual custom packaging, it can take its toll on your efforts. There are numerous areas that need to be considered and dealt with to produce a brand look that wins over the buyers.

You might think that why customization?

Why not just buy a generic box for protecting the products?

There are many standardized options that are available. You can just buy the boxes off the racks like buying any other retail item. But packaging is not ‘one size fits all’. It can offer a plethora of effective results if employed appropriately. Customization helps to align the boxes with your products and make them seem more desirable. There are plenty of reasons why this kind of packaging works better than just plain and conventional boxes representing your brand identity.

Take a look below:

Custom boxes are modifiable

The boxes are used basically to keep the products safe and harmless during transit and while on display. Getting standard boxes would mean that you would not get to pick the size that fits the items perfectly. The boxes would either be too big or too small for the products. The former results in the products destroying the corners of the boxes before they reach the consumers, making for an inappropriate display. And the latter is a wastage of resources and would not be sufficient to tightly secure the products inside.

A constructive solution is customizing the dimensions of the boxes specifically for the products. All sides of the boxes can be made according to your stated requirements. This would be of varied benefits including:

  • Efficiently utilize resources and save on spending too much in acquiring too big dimensions.
  • Aptly store the contents so they don’t get damaged during transportation
  • Improve the appearance of the products by making them look better in tailored boxes.

Pick your favorite box type

Another fascinating facet of customization is that you can form them into any shape. This is another customer-grabbing tool that differentiates the products from rival brands. You can get any custom shape you desire. Additionally, you can pick from the following:

  • Candle packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Auto-lock boxes
  • Sleeves and bands
  • One-piece mailers
  • Gable boxes
  • Display boxes, among others

All these boxes offer the same support but their image intrigues customers to take a closer look at your products. Also, many times the shape of the packaging gets associated with a specific brand and lets customers recognize it from a distance. For instance, Quality Streets has a rectangular shape that folds at the top. Even if the brand name wasn’t there anymore, customers would still identify the boxes to belong to a certain brand. This is what customizing the packaging does to your brand recognition.

On the other hand, you can imagine that standard boxes miss making an impact among your target customers. They are not designed to represent the brand specifically so customers can memorize the packaging for future purchases. Hence, only tailoring the look of the boxes can get you higher brand worth.

Get noticed instantly!

What makes the brands stand apart from each other?

Sometimes the boxes may be identical in shape and size but still belong to different brands selling varied products. The secret is that they imbibe the boxes with their brand appeal.  Custom packaging is an opportunity in disguise that lets you experiment with numerous marketing tactics.

Your brand can get highly anticipated when customers start noticing it at retail stores. Repeated brand image can get retained in customers’ minds far better and more strongly than if the boxes do not speak favorably about the brand. Your boxes take your marketing campaigns forward and in a tangible form to your buyers. They get allured by visual displays and this helps to be memorized faster.

What this does to your brand identity is:

  • Makes the buyers loyal as they trust a brand image that they are well-versed with.
  • Links all your promotional antics so the boxes make the final show of brand appeal to grab the maximum attention.
  • Loyal customers encourage others to try your products too.
  • The buyers will make it a point to look for your brand and repeat their orders.

All these lead to inflated sales figures that are hard to achieve when the boxes are bland and boring.

Cover investment quickly

Modifying the packaging doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With professional assistance and state-of-the-art printing techniques, the cost of customization can fit well with your finances.

Moreover, the push that the boxes give to your brand recognition, sales, and thus profits can well cover the initial investment made to acquire them. There is nothing like building your brand repute through packaging that is individual and is tailored for your customer demographic.

Standard packaging may cost less but it fails to spark interest in your products. Customers are likely to choose the next brand that offers a whole lot of boxing features to give a premium feel to the buyers. Comparing the end results would make the generic boxes more-costly as they do next to nothing to enhance your sales.

Distinguishes the brand

Opting for custom-made boxes can reap good results and be more productive in carving a niche in your market. The buyers look for good value for their income spent and you can make them feel this strongly when they buy your products packaged in enticing boxes.

Higher customer satisfaction is also attainable by delivering the products in good forms. Items that are broken or torn when they reach the end consumers, often get rejected and refunded. This costs a lot to the brand. Hence it is a good idea to enable the brand to rise above the rest with sturdy boxes.


All the above facts would have persuaded you to go for personalized features when designing your custom packaging. It takes the brand image forward and compels buyers to keep coming back!

Written by Ken Wilson


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