Immunity boosting using ancient Ayurveda techniques and its impact

Immunity boosting using ancient Ayurveda techniques and its impact

Immunity boosting using ancient Ayurveda techniques and its impact.

Race for  fighting Covid-19

When the world is grappling to deal with the virus spread and its pace of infecting people, India has emerged as one of the worst affected nations in the world. With more than three million cases and 57000 deaths, India still sees a ray of hope for a turnaround. The key factor may lie in boosting body immunity of the masses naturally, resort to our ancient medicine practices and instill our faith in Ayurveda.

An Ayurveda product, the humble ‘Kadha’ for example is now a common household name in India, which is a mix of herbs & common spices like Ginger, Turmeric, Mulethi, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves and Tulsi (Basil leaves). Most of these ingredients are readily available in any Indian kitchen and they possess amazing nutrients and Immunity building capabilities, packed with natural healers and energy boosters. The right mix of these herbs and spices when boiled and served with Honey or Lemon, it acts as a shield against any highly infectious disease or viruses. The healthy drink is known to be consumed in India for centuries if not thousands of years and its benefits are known for generations.

It is unjust to say, due to Covid-19 pandemic our ancient medicine practices got the desired limelight but it has been a constant endeavor of the Govt of India to bring our very own Ayurveda and Siddha to the forefront and recognize it as a source of mainstream medical practice and utilize it in treatment of various illness and diseases.

In the year 2014, an individual ministry was created, Ayush Mantralaya, to oversee the research and development of the ancient medical practice & focused study of the Ayurveda. The efforts are on to emphasize Ayurveda to establish its long-term benefits and healing capabilities, infuse modern innovations and technical research, using state of art infrastructure and facilities, Recognize & Encourage Ayurveda colleges all over India.

There has been a unilateral effort to explore the goodness of natural healing and treatment techniques in India, during the current regime. Modern-day Ayurveda is using scientific techniques to establish clinical evidence. During the current situation when the doctors are engaged in using modern drugs like hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, other anti-malarial drugs to treat Covid-19, with little evidence of its actual effectiveness to reduce the viral load, it is the right time to emphasize and rediscover the therapeutic potential of our ancient Ayurveda. Even if it helps to build protection & reduces the intensity of infection to a mild viral symptom, we believe that more than half of the battle is won.

The efforts to spread awareness about Ayurveda and its products among the masses, and a remarkable job done by the Ayush Mantralaya in this aspect, is already showing positive results. The recovery rate in India from Covid-19 has surpassed twenty-three million and a vast majority of the infected patients with mild to semi-mild symptoms are getting cured under home isolation/self-quarantine with regular intake of natural medicines and Ayurveda products.

To get best benefits and to have a holistic approach, practices like Yoga and simple Asanas ( body movements with breathing exercises) are being advocated, together with the use of natural ingredients and products in our daily diet, in an attempt to fortify our body against any viral attack, not limited to Covid-19 only.

Common practices like consuming squeezed lemon in Lukewarm water in an empty stomach early morning infuses Vitamin C intake in our body, the same also has great benefits to improve our digestive system, boosts metabolism, and burns Fat.

Consuming turmeric milk (golden milk) in the morning and at night, has several healing benefits. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and when infused with warm milk it acts as a vital immunity booster against common flu, infections, and other viruses. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and a strong antioxidant in itself. Its richness in antibacterial & antifungal properties makes it a proven defense against infections & helps boost immunity. The benefits of turmeric Milk is also seen in treating respiratory problems and common cough and cold.

Similarly, juice of Giloy plant stems, when consumed regularly in controlled dosages, can act wonders. This Ayurvedic herb is being used in India for treating various health deficiencies since ancient times. Also known as an “Amrit”, the cause of Immortality, Giloy juice has unending health benefits:  It Treats Choric fever, proven as the most effective medicine against Dengue, Swine Flu, and malaria. The humble Giloy purifies blood, fights bacteria, removes toxins, safeguards from urinary tract infections, and liver diseases. The other benefits of Goliy include treatment of Diabetes, Improve digestion, reduce stress & anxiety, healing respiratory problems, Treating Arthritis, and reducing asthmatic symptoms. Last but not least it improves eyesight and reduces signs of aging.

It is evident from the studies that the re-emergence of Ayurveda in India can help build a stronger and highly immune society that can take on any future or current outbreaks. No matter the ancient Indian medicine practice was neglected for decades, Ayurveda is poised to reclaim its lost glory and re-write a new chapter in Indian medical science. With negligible to zero side effects our ancient medicines not only heals, but it also builds a strong defense mechanism in the human body. The Renaissance of Ayurveda can act as a turning point in India’s fight against Covid-19.

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