How COVID 19 will Impact the iOS Developer Service Market?

When we talk about how COVID-19 has effected the overall market of different industries, globally, the result is a bleak future. Every industry, from app development to mobile manufacturing, the pandemic has sent a shock wave. With billions under quarantine, job loss, and economic loss, there has been a huge market hit. Some tech companies have witnessed an immediate shift. Apps like Netflix, Zoom, food delivery, and others have seen a surge in demand. However, app developers seem to have both negative and positive outcomes from this pandemic.

According to one report, the total number of smartphone users will be 7 billion smartphones by 2021, with the annual app downloads of 258 billion. This growth will certainly push the need of app developers in the global market. Apple, more than a billion-dollar company, has witnessed quarterly blowout results during the pandemic period. By August 2020, the market share of iOS stood to 25.15%, less than the Android, which stood to 74.25%. However, iPhone sales stood for $4 billion, above expectations from an analyst. It has pushed the demand for iOS development globally.

Although the overall revenue of Apple grew above expectations, it also had to take some negative steps. Apple India had to shut down its four sales offices across four metro cities. In March, when the 1st phase of lockdown began, the company announced shutting down four sales offices to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Around 5,000 associates of Apple were working from home.

Closer Look at trends

Though Coronavirus affected the revenue market of the app store, the growth remains strong. According to one report from App Intelligence Firm Sensor Tower, the worldwide consumption of mobile apps by 2024 will reach by $171 billion, also contributed by iOS. Similarly, a report says, app downloads will reach 183.7 billion by 2024. This means the demand for dedicated iOS developers will grow. Moreover, it also shows that there will be 80% revenue for Apple’s app store.

COVID-19 impact on downloads

The impact of COVID-19 can be seen with downloads of non-gaming apps like grocery, online learning, and OTT platform from the iOS app store has increased. Much of this download growth is happening in 2020 when the first-time app is going to reach $140.3 billion. The prominent iOS development company, during the pandemic situation, concentrated more on developing social networking apps and online learning apps.

Good Times for Educational and Learning apps

Since educational institutes adopted an online learning method, so for an iOS development company developing user-friendly e-learning apps could prove beneficial. Zoom, Blackboard, Hangouts, Skype, and other tech stacks played a significant role. Even families use online learning apps to teach their kids. Moreover, people are joining new learning courses for productive purposes. Therefore, for an expert or fresher iOS developer, this could be a treat to come up with an e-learning app to make the best use of it.

Social Networking Apps

Similarly, there is a rise in social networking apps download. Since, billions of people were locked inside their homes, engaging more and more time on social networking sites is expected. Social media apps during the COVIS-19 period act as the best virtual communication tool to connect with dear ones.

Home Delivery apps on the rise

Established and start-up grocery companies had a great business during the pandemic period. From food to medicine, everything was delivered at home with the right precaution. Many e-commerce start-ups companies approached iOS development company to build apps for millions of Apple users looking for home delivery service. For an iOS app developer, getting an outsourcing project from such emerging companies is a great sign. Post-COVID-19, the trend is going to increase where e-commerce companies would be outsourcing most of the development process.

Higher Need for Fitness Apps

iOS healthcare tracking apps witnessed profitable growth in downloads. Healthcare and medicine delivery apps proved to be very handy during the pandemic period. Since gyms and sports centres remained closed, people shifted towards apps for home workout. These fitness apps are acting as supporting partners for fitness enthusiasts. iOS users keep hunting for new fitness apps, and so for an iOS development company, this is a great chance to come up with handy fitness apps.

Boom of Video Streaming Applications

We have already mentioned how OTT platforms have witnessed a surge in downloads during the lockdown period. People now are binge-watching their favorite series and movies. Top OTT platforms saw 90 percent non-organic installation by smartphone users. The traffic on these apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar was so high that the company had to lower down the default video quality. iOS app development companies have already started working on designing and developing high quality, feature-rich streaming apps.

Boost in AR and VR in Apps

Post-COVID 19 era, AR and VR will make a great splash. Facebook and Instagram with Spark AR have already made a move. Many mobile apps have been already developed using AR and VR technology. Imagine an app with AR or VR, providing a complete 360-degree view of the monument using the Google map without visiting the place. There are already many iOS apps with AR and VR designed to make the use engaging. Sketch AR, Mondly, Ink Hunter, WallMe, etc., are few of the apps in iOS with AR and VR.

Adapting App Dimensions during Corona Times

Since there is an altered situation, many iOS development companies are adopting to new remote working models. Moreover, these companies are also witnessing the soaring demand for new genres of apps. So for an iOS developer, post-COVID the situation would be fruitful and enough job opportunities.


COVID-19 has indeed taken industries and people to a ride. iOS market, like other OS platforms, has witnessed a change in the wind during this era. For any iOS development company and or an individual iOS developer, taking up this opportunity of growth can bring success post-COVID 19. Any start-up or an established brand approaching a dedicated iOS developer will consider if the developer has adopted the new norm to create an app as per the current trend.

Written by Ajay Golani

I am a co-founder and CEO of Softgrid Computers Pvt Ltd, bringing more than 10 years of experience with different leading vendors in different domains with delivering successful projects for industries with diverse business domains such as Healthcare, Fantasy Sports, Music, Education, E-Learning, Retail & Ecommerce, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, ETC. to this On-Demand Custom Product Development Company and I have created a brand of quality in the IT ecosystem. As the CEO of an IT organization, I am responsible for running all facets of the business. I have a proven management track record and over many years of experience driving growth in the technology industry.

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