How to troubleshoot the printer cartridge error?

A printer is a crucial gadget for companies and businesses. People also purchase printers for home use. Varieties of printers are available today. These devices are simple to install and use. While using the device, some of the users face cartridge-related errors. You can face cartridge-related errors on the printer due to various reasons.

The cartridge is not installed properly

When you see the cartridge-related error, take out the cartridge. While installing, if the cartridge is not fit correctly then an error will appear. Remove the cartridge from your printer and reinstall it correctly. Now, go to the printer screen and check for the cartridge.

You are using a clone cartridge

When the cartridge is empty; you require a new cartridge for the printer. Original cartridges are very costly. When the user takes lots of printouts; he needs to purchase new cartridges often. Sometimes, users purchase clone cartridges for cost-cutting. These cartridges are cheaper than the original ones and are fit-for-all types. But many printer devices don’t allow clone cartridges. When you install the cartridge, the printer can’t recognize it. If you are using a clone cartridge and the printer is showing the error then visit the local technician shop. The printer needs some changes to allow the clone cartridge on it. But using these third-party cartridges for the system is not good. These cartridges are good for the pocket but can cause damage to the printer. These are fit-for-all times; sometimes the user has to fit the cartridge inside the printer forcefully which can damage the printer. The ink quality of these cartridges is also not so good. You should consider buying original cartridges or ink refilling.

The status monitor is not working correctly

Some users reported that they are getting errors on the status after installing a new cartridge. The monitor is still showing an empty status on the screen. Users face this error when the status monitor is unable to detect the new cartridge. For troubleshooting this error; remove all the cartridges from the printer. Check the status monitor. It will show the empty status for all cartridges. Now reinstall all the cartridges on the printer. The monitor will start showing the correct status.

Your printer driver is not working

When the driver of your printer is corrupted or dealing with any error then the printer will stop working. Some users reported that they are getting the 0xf1 error code on the screen. When you get the error, you should check for the Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. Run the tool on the device and it will fix all the corrupted files of the driver which are causing the error. Now restart the computer to apply new changes to the driver. Also, keep the printer driver updated.

Broken Cartridges

Your cartridge can show errors due to mishandling. While the cartridge shows the error, take it out and check for any damage. Inspect the pins of your cartridge for any bent or damage. When the pin is bent; fix it very carefully. In case the cartridge pins are damaged then you have to get a new cartridge as it will work on the device.

Cartridge Pins are covered 

If you face the cartridge error after installing a new one then inspect your new cartridge. The new cartridge is covered with plastic protective tapes and clips for preventing any kind of mishandling. But you have to remove these protective tapes before installing the cartridge. Users remove the tape but often forget to check the pins. You must remove the tape from pins otherwise your cartridge won’t be able to contact the printer. Check your cartridge and remove the protective tape. Now, restart the device and check for the cartridge status.

Cartridge ink gets dried up

When you use the printer after a long time; ink inside the cartridge gets dry. You will not get the ink level warning but the printer will show a cartridge error. It won’t work until you fix the ink issue. You can add a few drops of solvent and mix it well. If you can’t add the solvent then you have to purchase a new cartridge. Get a new cartridge for your printer and now check for the error on your printer.

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