How to Recover Pen Drive Data Which Shows All As Shortcuts – Instantly

Summary: My all pen drive data turned into shortcuts! What should I do? Now, I can see hidden files or remove shortcut virus. If they cannot help, by using pen drive data recovery software to recover removed photos, videos, personal and professional documents infected by shortcut virus from pen drive, USB drive, memory card or SD card etc.

All data of Pen Drive Turned into Shortcuts. How To Open Or Retrieve Shortcut Data?

Users Queries

“I had stored my all valuable data files in pen drive. After a long time when I attached my pen drive to the computer to see my data. Data was infected by a malware (virus) and all of a sudden whole files turned into shortcuts. I am very troubled about that, I don’t know how it is likely to recover pen drive data which shows all as shortcuts. I want my data back please and tell me how I overcome this situation.”

A shortcuts virus infected pen drive, USB drive, memory card and SD card become can definitely create infinite troubles. In this situations, the name of the files might be changed by the malware (virus) and become shortcuts. When it happens users cannot open or views data. But don’t worry here you can get two possible solution for how to recover pen drive data which shows all as shortcuts. By using these methods you can recover your all precious data.

Restore Your Pen Drive Data Which Shows All Data As Shortcuts By Using Cmd

  • Connect the inaccessible pen drive to the device.
  • Continue to start button and right hit on the mouse.
  • Hit Command Prompt (Admin). The CMD will open.
  • Type pen drive letter, E.g. > F: , and hit enter.
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, press enter and hold for few seconds.
  • Finally, check the pen drive, & your data would be retrieved.

Done all these steps and you can check your data in on the USB drive. If you can’t search the data that you want, you can try the second solution and restore shortcut data with Pen drive data recovery software.

Restore Your Pen Drive Data Which Shows All Data As Shortcuts By Professional and Trustworthy Tool

  • Download pen drive data recovery tool. Then run the tool.
  • The tool provides two options such as: Scan and Formatted Scan you can choose any data recovery options.
  • Then, Search and preview retrieved pen drive data
  • Now, you can Save recovered data in your device

Most Essential Features of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

  • Software restores permanently deleted (shift+deleted), corrupted and formatted data from Windows.
  • Supports to restore exFAT, FAT (16, 32) and NTFS formatted
  • Gives advance search option to search a specific file within retrieved data
  • Provides preview option to display all scanned data.
  • Apply Filters before restoring lost files.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Supports all brands of pen drive like HP, Sony, LG, and SanDisk etc.
  • Support all file format .doc, .pdf, excel, .zip, etc.
  • Complete Data Recovery from Inaccessible Pen Drive
  • Support Retrieve Video, Image, File & Folder.
  • Restore corrupted, removed, damaged document etc.
  • Recover data from the USB drive, pen drive, memory card, and SD card.


To recover your important data by using the pen drive data recovery tool. It is totally safe and secure. Every user can use this tool very easily. Users can recover data without any data loss. It is a user-friendly tool.

Written by Jorge Sankush

If you want to recover your data from the pen drive then you can contact me. I will help you.

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