How to Protect Your Garden Against Pests In Spring


Spring brings back sunlight, warm weather, and flowering plants, but it also attracts many annoying and destructive insects. Learn about what to look for and how to plan your line of defense and prevent these pests from invading your yard and home.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are large and black and live in rotten wood. If you find a lot of shavings (the debris left behind when tunneling), you are probably near the nest entrance. But when carpenter ants search for food, they can roam up to 100 yards (91.44 m) away from their homes, so always be vigilant.

while carpenter ants are rarely harmful, they can be a problem. Remove deadwood such as brush and tree stumps to prevent settling. Keep firewood well out of the house and use straight white vinegar spray to kill foraging ants.


Bloodthirsty mosquitoes can spoil your fun in the summer. In early spring, mosquitoes move from the larval stage to maturity. After mating, males seek nectar from flowers, but female mosquitoes prefer food rich in hemoglobin 2, so you are perfect for them.

To reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard, eliminate the most viable environment for eggs and larvae: standing water. Apply a spray, such as  Sevin ® Insect Killer Concentrate, to the perimeter of your home — especially under bushes and in shady areas — to combat the adult mosquito population. If you prefer a natural product over a synthetic one, use  Worry-Free ® brand ready-to-spray insecticide and miticide.

Mosquitoes carry viruses that cause diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and encephalitis, as well as parasites including the canine heartworm. 3 Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you keep them under control.


Fleas are small jumping insects that bite. These ectoparasites take shelter in dogs, cats, and wild animals to feed on and use as shelter. Your pets can bring fleas into your yard during hot weather.

It is difficult to identify fleas with the naked eye. The only way you can tell if they are around is if you are bitten. Use baking soda, lemon spray, or salt throughout your property during the spring to prevent these pests, then reapply during the summer if the fleas return.


Most spiders are not harmful to people, as their only goal is to catch and eat insects. Of course, there are a few poisonous species that are common in the United States, such as the black widow and recluse spiders, which are harmful enough to give them their bad name.

Bright cobwebs in and around your home are proven signs that spiders are present, but dusty cobwebs are the ones that have been abandoned. If you see a fresh cobweb, take preventative measures: seal cracks in your home’s foundation and repair small openings around doors and window sills. Then use one part water two-part vinegar spray outside to the perimeter of your home to prevent spiders from even thinking to enter.


Wasps help control other insect populations, but their stings are painful, so people don’t want them. An active wasp nest near a place where people congregate, work, or relax is extremely dangerous. If you find a nest, be careful and consider hiring a professional to remove it, rather than doing it yourself. Wasps can be very aggressive, especially when threatened.

The wasp family also includes hornets, tapeworms, and American wasps, which are especially attracted to food and drink. So always close garbage and recycling cans tightly. 6

By applying dish wash and water spray in lawns and gardens around your home, you can prevent nesting and help eliminate them.



Cockroaches have earned their bad reputation. That’s why Cockroach Pest Control is important, They are carriers of bacteria, including salmonella, and because they also feed on human food they can contaminate kitchen surfaces and utensils. Also, their droppings and waste can aggravate an already painful allergy or asthma symptoms. 


Roaches are constantly looking for food, water, and a dry place to live. Your first line of defense is to protect the perimeter of your home so that roaches never enter. Seal cracks and fissures in the foundation and around doors and windows. Next, use an effective insecticide, such as Boric Acid Roach Powder, on the perimeter of your home and on grassy areas near walkways, porches, patios, and in your garage.

Never give up

When you take the time to determine which pests you need to eliminate and then focus on preventive and defensive measures, you will keep your yard and home free of pests.

Written by Namish Thakur

We are specialists in pest control, we also carry out domestic, commercial, and industrial treatments. We have a staff of professional technicians and very good experience in the most modern and effective pest control methods on the market. Throughout the process, we advise our clients and indicate what the necessary procedures consist of to face the situation and obtain an optimal exit.

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