How to Convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird Account?

Convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird: With its many useful features and well-organized storage options, Outlook has no competition in the email sector. However, we are all aware that it does not come with Microsoft Office for free and that it is a paid email service. 

Thunderbird is the best free email client available. Many people these days are making the convert Outlook Data Files to Thunderbird, and as a result, they are looking for a way to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird.

But because doing this by hand calls for technical skill and patience, it’s not for everyone. The reasons people wish to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird and how to do so are discussed in this article.

Reasons to Import PST files to Thunderbird

The forecast isn’t horrible by any stretch, but keep in mind that “not everyone is master in everything, but someone will undoubtedly master in something.” So, if you’re considering importing your PST files into Thunderbird, you may want to consider a number of the features and benefits that Thunderbird offers.

  • MBOX, the file format used by Thunderbird, is very secure and should only be used for private information. For example, it saves only one mailbox folder—say, “Inbox”—in a separate file, “Inbox. mbox,” so that you can easily share just that folder rather than your whole mailbox with others.
  • There are over 1200 add-ons available for Thunderbird, all of which are free. Add-on allows you to do things like combine emails, delay sending them, and alter the perspective of the conversion.
  • Thunderbird is cross-platform and can be used on PCs, Macs, and Linux.
  • Finally, Thunderbird provides some kind of email encryption. While Outlook’s PST files are encrypted using the CRC32 hash technique, there are literally dozens of automated applications available that can decrypt PST file passwords in seconds.

To put it simply, Thunderbird is a free, robust, and secure email client with more than 1200 available extensions that may be used as a suitable replacement for Microsoft Outlook. The methods to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird mailboxes are next.

Pro Solution: The EmailDoctor PST File Converter is ideal if you wish to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird and are in this situation.

As a user, you may make use of the software’s many options, including batch importing from PST to Thunderbird mailboxes. Its user-friendly interface (GUI) makes importing a breeze, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Try out the free version and go through these steps to get a better feel for it.

How to Convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird Manually?

If your Outlook is connected to the machine, then follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1: Configure Both Accounts

Select the radio option next to Enable IMAP after logging into Gmail and going to Settings > Forwarding & POP/IMAP.

Following this, you’ll need to set up an Outlook profile for your Gmail account, which may be done in the way shown below.

  1. In Outlook, choose File > Options.
  2. It’s time to add an account, so do so now.
  3. Then, after clicking Next, you may enter your Gmail password.

After setting up an Outlook profile for your Gmail account, you may import your PST file into Gmail by following the prompts in Outlook’s import/export wizard. I imagine the procedure is well known to you to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird.

Step 2: Export Outlook Data from Gmail as MBOX

  1. Launch Outlook and sign in to your Gmail account there.
  2. Now, when you type “Google Takeout” into the Google search bar, you’ll get the following suggestion.
  3. In the new window that opens, choose Download your data and then the Mail option. It’s also possible to import just certain Labels. When you’re ready, choose the Next button.
  4. When your files are available, you may choose the preferred method of delivery from the dropdown menu.
  5. Finally, when you’re ready, hit the Create Export button to begin the process of converting your PST files to MBOX. This export may be canceled at any moment.

Finally, choose the Create Export option to begin the process of converting your PST files to MBOX. The export may be canceled at any moment.

Step 3: Convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird

  1. Bring up Thunderbird to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird.
  2. Extend the NG file format to import and export, and allow MBOX files to be read.

As you can see, importing PST files into Thunderbird manually is a difficult and time-consuming operation, but it is now accomplished. This is also not the best approach if you need to import many PST files into Thunderbird.

Time to Say Goodbye

If you’re currently using Outlook for work but would want to convert Outlook Data File to Thunderbird, you shouldn’t rely on hand-operated methods.

There are significant restrictions to the manual procedure, and data may be corrupted if it is interrupted in the middle of its execution. Since MBOX is Thunderbird’s native file format, you’ll need to utilize dedicated conversion software to switch from PST to MBOX. Once the process is complete, you may import the MBOX file into Thunderbird. 

Using the PST repair tool, you may be certain that even the largest files will convert without loss of information. Content, filters, and renaming are all simply manageable. At the end of the procedure, a report will detail where each converted item now stands.

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