How Professional Photography Can Boost Your Real Estate Sales?

According to the data about marketing trends of real estate in 2023, over 90% of real estate agents rely on photography to sell listings. Another interesting aspect is that about 50% of buyers have confirmed that the home that they have purchased through online listings was based on the photographs of properties. No wonder photography is one of the most crucial elements of marketing homes.

Human beings prefer relying on visual aspects. So, the more effectively a property is presented in the listing the higher the chances of selling. So, here is why high-quality real estate pictures are essential to help real estate agents sell listings faster.

Types of Professional Real Estate Photography

There is no denying that high-quality and professional real estate listings play a significant role in selling properties and are excellent marketing material. Sneak into the types of photography that make Okanagan houses for sale more popular.

  • Virtual 3D Tours

What’s in a virtual 3D tour? It is a truly immersive experience for every client to walk through the property without leaving their homes. The good thing about embracing this technique is that the clients can access the 3D tour from the comfort of their homes. With a majority of buyers selling their properties through online listings, Okanagan homes for sale become more visible and naturally sell faster.

  • Drone Photography

With professional real estate photography comes exceptional content and equally expensive marketing material. For buyers looking for detailed insights about the property, drone photography comes to help. But aerial images may not be of much good use except for houses with unique layouts and impressive outdoors.

  • Virtual Staging 

Don’t you want buyers to envisage various aspects of properties? They should imagine themselves in the vacant rooms. With virtual staging, it is easier to showcase the entire space. For listings featuring virtual staging, the name you can trust us without a speck of doubt. They have been into luxury property listings for a while and cover the Okanagan region.

Importance of Photography in Real Estate Listings 

High-quality and professional listing photographs may make an incredible difference to captivate the potential buyer’s attention. It also reflects the ability of the agency to stand out amidst the competition. Here is why photography comes to help listing agencies serve their clients better:

  • Capture The Attention of Buyers

An online agency roughly has about a couple of seconds to create what you call the fantastic first impression. Naturally, photography is a fair choice when you seek emotional responses from prospective buyers. Low-quality photographs will not put those valuable seconds. For the highest quality photographs, bring a professional photograph to amplify the outcome. Keeping with that, an Okanagan property for sale gets easily noticed when you have photographs taken by professionals.

  • Sell Easily 

How do homes sell easily? Several factors come to play but professional photographs of properties are likely to generate more online views. There you have a significant selling point apart from the features, layout, prices, and other factors.

  • Building The Brand Presence

Photographs of properties that are out for sale continue building a consistent brand image, giving them an edge over the competition. Also, the level of confidence that builds up for brands when listings with photographs go live is worthy of consideration. A majority of Kelowna luxury real estate agents incorporate photographs and consider it an integral part of their marketing strategies.

  • Highlighting The Home’s Best Features 

No home is without flaws, but the gift of a camera and the experienced hands of a photographer can help in highlighting the best features of properties. When you are trying to sell your properties for top dollar, the features of listed properties are more attention-grabbing.

  • Showcasing Homes Perennially 

Every property that goes for sale needs to create an impact. But equally important is to remember that not all times of the year are good. However, properties showcased with photographs remain appealing throughout the year. You never know if a buyer appreciating your property might just suddenly agree to buy it.

  • Accurate Presentation 

It is not just about great shots and good clicks when using photographs to flaunt your property but the accurate presentation that matters. Photographs of properties bring out the smallest details that live viewing cannot. Those way customers also build long-term connections with listing agencies for encouraging such a pleasant involvement.

A majority of online listing websites aim to offer an engaging experience to users. Therefore, photographs are the ticket to enhance the chances of being found online and trigger the emotion needed to influence people’s buying decisions.

Written by Justin O Connor Group

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