What is the difference between followers and following on Instagram?

Social media sites have become an essential part of our daily lives. We trust and depend on these networks for everything, from buying a new wristwatch to getting updates about the latest gossip going around in the downtown.

Many apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp play an active role in improving the quality of life. For example, Twitter is what you always reach out to whenever you want to know about political affairs.

Instagram has become more of a source of educational material such as learning about Yoga, delicious recipes, makeup tutorials, and travelling stories. There’s a tutorial on everything to be found on Instagram.

Two important features that are important on Instagram are a follower and a following. These two terms are confusing, but you should never mix them together.


Followers are those who follow your account. They can see what you post on your Instagram accounts such as content, videos, images, and stories. They are allowed to like and share your content on their accounts. More so they can engage in a conversation with you by writing comments on your posts.

Your followers are your audience who get a notification whenever you post anything on your Instagram profile or account. They can be your friends, loved ones, and colleagues. In general, they are people following you and keeping track of what you post on the social network.


They are the people whom you follow on Instagram for viewing their updates and all sorts of information they share on Instagram. You may be following celebrities, athletes, influencers, bloggers, friends, family, or random people you like to follow. Most people follow famous artists, actors, sportsmen, and so forth.

Suppose you love Kim Kardashian and you want to keep in touch with her daily. The best way for you to do that is by following her on your Instagram account. Once you follow her on social media you become her follower. Meaning you are following her.

Difference between followers and following

If your account is private, only people who follow you can see your posts and your feed. Likewise, you can only see the stuff of the people you are following.

  • Your following will not be able to see your update unless they follow you back.
  • Your followers can interact with you through direct messages or commenting on your posts
  • But your followers will not be able to comment on your posts if they need to follow you first.

If you notice you are likely to follow someone who has plenty of followers instead of someone with fewer followers, you know why? Because deep down, we think that an account can be trusted and has something valuable to offer, we believe in the audience following them.

So Instagram followers play an essential role in the reputation of that person. Someone with so many followers can be considered real and reliable.

Instagram followers vs following

Someone with a private Instagram account may not care about this ratio. This ratio means a lot to celebrities, businesses, and different social media personalities like influencers or brand ambassadors. People tend to have more followers than following because their profile is considered more popular and decent.

Getting more followers on Instagram is equivalent to gaining more popularity and there are different ways.

People often opt for shortcuts using instant tools, buying followers like ghost followers that can give you immense popularity in a short time. Still, this way is not decent and unreliable.

Instagram provides you a boost post strategy. Through this, you can advertise your account and get as many followers as you need, but for that, you have to pay to Instagram. There are different packages like monthly or premium, a definite pricing structure for the definite number of followers.

In a nutshell

Followers are the people who follow you to get an insight into your life and daily activity they can see all the stuff you post whatever you do on your Instagram including your stories and videos and pictures you share, whereas following is a list of people that you follow to know about their lifestyle and activity etc.

Public profiles prefer more followers than following as your popularity is indicated by several followers. Only after getting a good number of followers different brands and local businesses will approach you. In contrast, no matter how much following you have, it is not going to give you any specific benefits. There’s this ratio called Instagram followers and the following ratio through it you can predict whether you are an Instagram influencer or celebrity.

Written by Mark Twain

Mark Twain is a content marketer who currently worked at Digital Aimz in Dudley. He also provides Technical SEO, Social media marketing services to its clients.

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