Here’s Why Breath-work Matter During a Workout

While working towards a specific fitness goal or just looking for general exercise tips, breathing correctly will greatly help your workout. Controlling your breath helps you concentrate on the exercise and how you’re doing it while also keeping you calm and focused.

While breathing easy during your workout can differentiate between an enjoyable session and a torturous one. If you feel completely out of breath, it’s hard to do anything but flail around with poor form. By breathing easily, you can make the most of your workouts, even during the most intense moments.

Breathing right might sound weird to most people as it is something that our body does on autopilot. However, there’s a different way to breathe that can be adjusted depending on various conditions. The respiratory process of our bodies is a complex process and not as simple as it looks like.

Several techniques can help you with your breath-work for the best results of your exercise. Experts of gyms in Bentleigh list out some of the tips for breath-work.

Breathe Naturally

Our respiratory system is amazing! Your brain carefully controls every breath you take. This is all done for you automatically, so there’s nothing to think about. It keeps the air flowing in and out of your lungs by sending messages to your respiratory muscles.

However, your brain detects an increase in carbon dioxide and lactic acid in your blood when you exercise. It tells your muscles to breathe deeper and faster so that they can give all the extra carbon dioxide away and bring in more oxygen.

The pace of your breathing

Did you know your breathing rate can help you determine how hard you should be working out?

During moderate-intensity activities, such as walking or yoga, you should still be able to have a conversation. For vigorous-intensity activities, like running or heavy lifting, you will be breathing heavily, but you should still be able to talk if necessary.

Your heart rate should be between 70 and 85% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) for moderate-intensity exercise for healthy adults.

Meditative Breathing

Yoga, tai chi, and pilates are all types of mind-body exercise. Each of these practices focuses on breathing and movement patterns, and there is considerable overlap between them. Yoga isn’t an aerobic exercise, but a small number of studies indicate that changes come about because of it.

Yoga’s pranayama breathing technique, which means ‘light force’ or ‘breath sustaining the body’, improves your immune system and helps with hypertension, asthma, stress and anxiety.

Breathing Techniques

If you want to increase the benefits of a workout, you should definitely know how to breathe while working out properly.

Breath In- Breath Out

A popular breathing technique for working out is to breathe in as you pull the weight towards you and breathe out as you push it away again.

For example, while performing a body squat, inhale before squatting, exhale while pressing through the heels to stand, and then inhale again as you squat down and repeat the movement.

Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is a form of deep breathing that helps to boost oxygen flow to the brain. It’s simple but helps to improve sleep and reduce stress. Breathing correctly makes sure that every cell in your body is getting its fair share of oxygen. Deep breathing will also help you to become more focused on the work ahead.

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