Give A Luxurious Look To The Floor By Using Marble Tiles

When we think about the beauty of marble, words like elegant, stylish, and smooth marbles are obtained from the mountains in different parts of the world, and it is a natural material. Usually, the royal families use the marble floors in their palaces for many centuries.

Today, marble is one of the most famous and authentic flooring options. Polished marble tile floor adds a luxurious touch to space. However, there are some drawbacks of it as everything comes with pros and cons. These marbles are pretty soft and porous hence, and it’s vulnerable to scraping and staining. However, having a polished marble tile floor takes care of such issues, leaving the surface clean, shiny, and spotless.

If you plan to buy a polished marble floor, you must be aware of a few marble tile pros and cons.

Benefits of Marble Polishing

Here are some polished marble tiles benefits as they are highly versatile and suitable for your flooring.

Increased Density

A polished marble flooring is highly beneficial, unlike the unpolished marble tiles, offering higher density. It is because the polishing process improves the hardness of the surface and increases compression strength.

It makes the surface impact from falling objects and resistant to abrasions. A polished marble tile floor doesn’t stain so quickly and also much easier to clean. However, to avoid any possible staining, you need to wipe any juice or oil spills from the surface immediately.

Improved Durability And Aesthetic Appeal

These tiles are highly versatile and increase the density of the flooring, which means that the surface is less susceptible to cracks, chipping, or abrasions; therefore, it preserves a shiny, spotless surface for a much longer duration.

Moreover, a polished marble also upholds a shiny, fresh look and feel for years. Hence, marble flooring is a valuable investment for the drawing-room, living room, walkways, bedrooms, kitchen, and other parts of the house as the shiny appearance makes the surface appear clean all the time. Before you can see the first signs of wear and tear, a well-polished marble floor or countertop can last for years.

Easier To Clean With Minimal Maintenance

The marble tiles are highly durable and reliable, so now you won’t have to worry about stripping, recoating, or re-waving your floors with a polished marble floor. This well-polished floor remains in the same position for a longer duration as it is resistant to dust, tire marks, water, oil, and other substances that can cause stains on the surface. Therefore, it is easy to maintain, and you do not need to do maintenance once the surface is polished regularly.

Moreover, it is relatively easy to clean the polished marble flooring.  Also, you can wash with a mild soap. The surface will be a damp mop, dust mop, or even an auto scrub neutral cleaner. Only the user needs basic cleaning to preserve the marble’s elegant and shiny look and feel.

Polished marble Doesn’t Boost Bacterial, Pest, And Fungal Growth

Marble flooring is also highly antibacterial, which means that the polished marble doesn’t encourage pest, bacterial and fungal growth. This flooring is highly suitable for households, hallways, countertops, and hospitals, for it is disgusting to disease-causing microbes and pests.

So, now you do not have to be a concerned and worry about any such bacteria growth in your kitchen, which can cause any infection or disease, and you also do not need to replace the entire floor due to decrease infestation. Hence, it reduced the risk of anyone getting an infection as the marble repels these microbes. Also, they are cost-effective. You can save a lot of cash that you waste on floor repairing and maintenance for the long run.

Radiant Heat

marble is an excellent high-quality option if you are looking for radiant heat on your floors. It is ideal for radiant heating systems, and marble is a great conductor of heat, perfect for struggling to have a cold floor. It ensures the separation of heat from substrate to help protect your marble in the years to come. So, these marbles are the finest choice to have as they are precious in summers or regions with a high temperature.


Despite these numerous benefits of the polished marble tile flooring, few marble tile disadvantages cannot be neglected. So, read about the main drawbacks of buying a polished marble flooring as discussed below:

Cleaning Marble Stains

sometimes, almost impossible to remove grout and rust stains. It is pretty challenging to clean if you are using the wrong cleaning detergent, or even rubbing the stain upsurges the risk of scratching and other faultiness. Only a few chemicals are used for stain removal as the main compound in marble calcium bicarbonate, which is only suitable for selected chemicals.

Therefore, there are Professional marble polishing companies who have a better understanding of these marble flooring. These companies invest in cleaning detergents and industrial-grade equipment that properly take care of these stains efficiently.

Etch Marks Removal

There are different types of marbles, and the soft marble is prone to scratching and other marks. It is tough to get rid of these to obtain and maintain a smooth, radiant look for an untrained hand. So, it is a much better decision to hire a professional for polishing, who can help get rid of these marks and other imperfections.

Some professionals do everything from honing, grinding, polishing, and even buffing to reinstate the shiny effect of the marble surface. It can help restore and improve your countertops and floors aesthetics when appropriately done, polishing and buffing.


There are periods when an expert’s help is essential, although you might be diligent at keeping your surfaces clean. So, for convenience, you should go for the services of a professional polishing company; otherwise, spend doing it yourself.

In addition to this, having skillful work on the surfaces restores them to their former glory hence an added benefit.

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