Future of web development

Future of web development

Speed, Personalized experience, and automation


With every step, we are progressing to a future that is full of possibilities. In a progressive environment where imaginations are no more considered a distant dream, human minds are in a constant quest for innovation and invention of path-breaking technology. As we flip over the next page and move on to the next chapter, with more refinement over existing technology, the future of web development is a story of imaginations turning to reality.

Speed a key factor 

In today’s world speed is the key to success. Bygone are the days when websites and their features took longer time to download and PCs weren’t fast enough to surf multiple sites at one go and perform several applications at the same time. Websites being the backbone of trade and commerce with the direct involvement of the customers buying and selling online, web developers had to look for innovative ideas to make the web more responsive, lightning-fast, and at the same time efficient and user friendly. The web developers today apply a great deal of effort in reducing the search time and the number of actions required to find out information. A quick search option on a webpage is a perfect example that explains how a customer or a user can avoid browsing through several pages, yet conduct a search and get information on products or services the way they want, in a matter of seconds.

Personalized experience 

Some websites create a real-time personalized experience for their customers or users. We can view a 360-degree view of a product to have a life-like feel of the product before we decide on a purchase. 3D images of cars, houses, furniture’s and other products can be viewed on their websites to have an exact idea of the real one. There are fashion and jewelry websites where the customer can upload their photo to have a trail room like experience without visiting the store physically. The graphics can show how a particular piece of clothing might look on the customer or check on that perfect haircut or makeup before a salon visit. The future of web development has not only made technological advancement, it has changed the way we decide on purchases. This creative experience creates a virtual environment and gives the customers a lifelike feel which has a direct impact on sales. The websites being more responsive and the advent of 4G high-speed internet, the delay in the loading of graphics, and other features of a website is a thing of the past.

The web developers have to keep in mind that a current website has to be open efficiently without any lag in multiple devices, eg Laptops, PCs, Mobile handsets/smartphones, and other compact devices like tablets/iPad or even on smart TVs. The content of a website and the product on display should be made available for share on social media and chat platforms. The job of a web developer has become more challenging with technological advancement for sure, but the results are multi-dimensional fetching high yield by attracting more consumers.

Pathbreaking IoT Technology 

IoT or Internet of things is comparatively a new entrant in the world of technological innovations. With the advent of IoT, the future of web development has leaped forward. In short, it can be said that IoT is a step ahead of AI. The IoT technology enables data collection and storage of physical objects on a webspace. It helps us to use LIVE resources more efficiently by minimizing the requirement of information retention physically. The collected data is stored in the cloud which can be accessed as per requirement.

The best example of IoT is the fitness bands which are in fashion now. The smart fitness bands or our fitness watches track our daily physical activities like total steps, distance covered in a single day, calories burned, heart rate, sleep pattern, etc, and much more. This data is transferred to web platforms/health applications and stored in a cloud. These health optimization platforms create an interactive environment with the users and act as a virtual coach. The health and physical activity parameters analyze the general trend of the user and his/her habits, it acts as a virtual consultant by advising periodically, that its time to get up and get moving, about the previous goals (calories burnt), congratulate on new records, warn when the heart rate get beyond the limit by showing signs to slow down. This is an amazing technology that has brought in a revolution in the health and fitness sector and has inspired millions to wear a smart band and keep a track of their health.

Health and fitness web developers use IoT technology efficiently, the user data accessed from the cloud are put to good use by inspiring the users/clients to stay ahead in their fitness journey with generic recommendations and goals. This is a wonderful example that portrays the future of web development, which is more interactive, extremely user friendly, and personalized.

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