Do it yourself: how to repair the carpet

The carpet can be damaged by liquids, burns and stains of various origins. It can usually be repaired to avoid a full replacement.

The carpet may be applied to the floor in 3 ways:

  1. for gluing
  2. with double-sided adhesive tapes
  3. without fixing means, floating, like a carpet

The repair technique that involves removing the damaged part and replacing it with a new one does not change: it involves cutting away a piece of carpet that includes the damaged area and replacing it with another piece of identical size.

For this purpose, it is always good to keep some scraps of carpet when making a cover, so that these repairs can be carried out.

A piece of new carpet is cut, larger than the part to be replaced, and placed on the damaged part to cover it entirely with good abundance. Be careful to place the texture (creping, drawing)

so as not to create physical and visual discontinuity with the rest of the carpet.

Holding the piece firmlythe piece itself and the underlying carpet are cut with the cutter at the same time, including the damaged part. You can use a square, rectangular or irregularly shaped carpet cutout: the important thing is that the piece and the carpet fixed to the floor are always cut at the same time to obtain two identical figures.


Place the piece of carpet and cut the two layers at the same time

Set the new cut piece aside and remove the damaged part, initially by lifting one edge.

If the carpet is fixed by gluing it is necessary to act with a scraper to remove the hardened glue, cleaning the floor well from the resulting dust. If it is fixed with double-sided adhesive tapes, the section of tape affected by the repair must be removed.

With a small spatula or a brush, you apply carpet glue into the opening. Be careful not to dirty the edges with glue.


Remove the damaged part and apply the carpet adhesive

After waiting a few minutes to allow the glue solvent to evaporate a little, the piece is placed with precision: the edges perfectly match the opening thanks to the simultaneous cut previously made. You press the patch well with your hands and then gently tap it with a hammer, or a tablet, to favour definitive adhesion.

Place the patch and tap gently

Along a wall, the reapplication of a patch can be done with double-sided tape. First of all, the skirting board must be removed and then the carpet-patch cut at the same time as already examined. The fixing of the new piece can be performed simply by applying a double-sided tape to the floor as the re-application of the skirting board guarantees the stability of the intervention.

If the damage to the carpet has a small extent (such as a cigarette burn), only the damaged part can be removed by tapping a plumber’s punch of adequate diameter on the carpet, which cuts a perfect disc, to be removed.

After cutting an equal disk from a new piece of carpet (always with the punch), cover the opening with this, spreading a little glue on the floor beforehand.

Remove the damaged part with a punch and apply the patch

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