6 Tips & Tricks To Clean Jute Rug

Are you worried about the maintenance of your jute rug? Don’t worry, because in this Melbourne Clean Masters blog we teach you how to clean a jute rug perfectly, using a few simple tricks that you have to perform.


Jute rugs are an expensive decorative element and an excellent option for our home, as well as an ecological alternative. These rugs made with natural fiber, have a splendid rustic appearance to give a look to any room.

They are very resistant rugs that add a different touch to any environment where they are installed. In fact, they are easy to add, regardless of style, color tone, or space.

Apart from the resistance, the fabric of these rugs offers other benefits such as its insulating capacity, low thermal conductivity, little moisture retention, hardly any deformation and favors perspiration.

Despite all this, it is a delicate material that requires certain care for proper maintenance and cleaning. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to clean a jute rug properly.

1 The best tips and steps to clean jute rugs

1.- Make use of the vacuum cleaner

2.- Eliminate stains

3.- Eliminate bad odors

4.- Shake the carpet well

5.- Check the back of the carpet

6.- Use vinegar for the most difficult stains

Top Tips and Steps for Cleaning Jute Rugs

Below we show you a series of steps and recommendations so that you can learn how to clean jute rugs so that you can keep them shiny and in perfect condition.

In this sense, you need to take into account that since it is a natural fabric, you must avoid the use of chemical products. In this way, you will avoid causing damage or attacks during the development of your cleaning tasks at home.

1.- Make use of the vacuum cleaner

Do you have a vacuum cleaner? If the answer is yes, go for it because it is highly recommended to vacuum your carpets on both sides frequently (at least 2 times a week). In this way, you can remove dust and dirt, preventing them from accumulating and entangling between its fibers.

Also, you should make sure to vacuum the surface of the floor where it is placed so that when you reinstall it, dirt or debris that may remain on it does not adhere to it. This is an essential trick to know how to clean a jute rug.

You can use a normal vacuum cleaner or a more specific one if you have one. Connect the vacuum cleaner and set its suction mode lowest for the most delicate process. Steam vacuum should not be used as water and steam can damage the carpet fabric.

how to clean jute rug

2.- Eliminate stains

Continuing with the explanation of how to clean a jute rug, you should know is the best treatment for stains on its surface.

In the case of being recent, it is advisable to act immediately. Try to absorb most of the stain with a cloth or blotting paper. Don’t scrub it too far to the sides, as you could spread the stain.

Our advice is to apply a splash of sparkling water to the area, to neutralize the spilled substance, and then proceed to dry it with the help of a hand dryer. In this way, the area can be heated and moisture removed, preventing the carpet fibers from deteriorating.

How to clean your jute rug with the help of the dryer? You just have to turn it on and place it about four or six inches from the stain, for a few minutes. When you see the moisture lift off the stain, wipe it off and remove the dirt. You can use a mixture of water and salt to scrub your carpet with the help of a soft bristle brush. This will make it easier for you to clean the stains.

In the most complicated cases, you can resort to the use of dry cleaning powders, and little abrasives. These are specially designed to be used in this type of materials, you just have to let them rest on the carpet for about thirty minutes (and without anyone stepping on it during this time). You can soften them with a little water to remove them with the help of a blunt knife and complete the task with the help of the vacuum cleaner.

If you find solid stains, you can soften them with a little water and then gently remove them with the help of a dull knife. Finally, proceed to brush the area with a stiff bristle brush and remove the residue with the help of the vacuum cleaner.

3.- Eliminate bad odors

A very useful recommended technique to know how to clean jute carpet, neutralizing bad odors, is to sprinkle baking soda on its surface before vacuuming it.

If you detect any more unpleasant odors, you only need a cup of baking soda and empty them on the fabric, leaving it to act for about fifteen minutes. Finally, vacuum the carpet and you will immediately see excellent results.

4.- Shake the carpet well

If you are concerned about how to clean a jute rug, don’t forget this step. Shake your carpet well! It is convenient to do this at least once a month and, in the process, protect your eyes and nose well.

To proceed, make sure you have a good grip on the top of the rug and shake it for a few seconds. Then, take it inside the house and put it in its usual place.

As an observation, before removing the carpet, be careful if it is under any furniture. To be able to take it, it is best to lift the furniture and then remove it. In this way, you will avoid forcing it and that suffers a break in its fabric.

how to clean jute rug

5.- Check the back of the carpet

If you are interested in learning how to clean a jute rug properly, you cannot forget about the back of this item. So check the back of your carpet to determine if this area requires deep cleaning.

If any liquid has been spilled, it is best to dry this part with paper or cloth with absorbent capacity. You can also heat the area with a hairdryer.

If necessary, hang the rug to air dry or in front of a fan. In this way, you will avoid the growth of mold in it, and thus it will be possible to avoid any damage to its fibers in the medium term since you will eliminate any remaining moisture that is imperceptible.

If you do not have a space to lay the carpet in order to dry it, you can also hang it on the rod of the shower curtains. In this position, you will only have to open the windows or turn on the exhaust fan (if you have one) to facilitate ventilation and drying.

6.- Use vinegar for the most difficult stains

How to clean a jute rug with stubborn stains? If none of the above tricks have worked, we have another trick to remove more difficult stains. In this case, resort to the use of white vinegar.

Put the product in a spray bottle to make it easy to spray on the stained surface. Then, dry it with a towel or absorbent paper. In case of not being able to remove the stain, you should know that, at least, you will have disinfected the carpet with the action of the vinegar.

Also, keep in mind that water discolors the fibers of jute rugs, so avoid getting them wet as much as possible.

This type of rugs, although they are very resistant, and are not recommended for high traffic areas. So try to use it as a decorative piece in more reserved areas or with little passage.


Remember that you can always request a professional carpet cleaning service like the one we offer at Melbourne Clean Masters. Without any doubt, you will get the best results for the perfect care of this special decorative element.

Written by Namish Thakur

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