Best 5 Web series To Watch On Amazon Prime

Several of us are motivated by watching movies, whether online or by TV channels. These days, there is a standard method of watching movies with the help of the internet. And Amazon Prime is one of them.

As the internet connection has become quickly available to all, people have started the most comfortable downloading their beloved web series. But this method is very tiresome and further pushes people to download non HD quality shows.

With the initiation of Amazon Prime, one of the biggest platforms of web series, movies, and TV shows online, the method has become almost more straightforward. Websites like Netflix, Hotstar, etc., make it possible for people to watch web series online spontaneously.

As Amazon Prime has identified the great potential, they started an even more reliable platform with more valuable content in terms of enjoyment. Amazon Prime allows a large number of movies, web series at a lower subscription fee!

Hence, I have created a list of the best web series you must watch on Amazon Prime. So, without any further delay, let me dive you into it! Please have a comprehensive look!

Made In Abyss

If you like cartoon fictional web series, then this web series is the best to watch. Made in Abyss is a Japanese fictional web series written by Akihito Tsukushi.

The story of this web series is quite interesting and starts with “The City of the Great Pit” episode in which Riko comes over something she has never seen before. The whole episode revolves around how this innovation influences her!

After that, Riko and Reg discover more regarding their past, but the puzzle remains, who or what is Reg? In the next episode, Reg goes on his first cave raid! Meanwhile, Riko makes arrangements to go into the Abyss to find her mom.

And the story proceeds with Riko and Reg beginning their adventure into the Abyss while they fall into a surprisingly familiar face. Then Riko and Reg dive into the Forest of Temptation.

After that, Reg and Riko start a Seeker Camp to meet Ozen, the Immovable, the person who rescued Riko from all those some years ago. But there is more to Ozen than matches the sight.

Now, the whole story takes a turn and shifts to Ozen. Ozen explains more regarding the Abyss as well as the fact behind Riko’s origins. After the 8th episode, fans are confused about what will occur when Ozen reveals her actual colors?

After that, Reg and Riko meet Nanachi, and she displays the truth behind Abyss to Reg. Made In Abyss Season 2 will be out soon!


Invincible is a superhero drama based on the funny book series of the identical title by Robert Kirkman, who co-founded The Walking Dead comic. The adult fictional web series revolves around Mark Grayson, the strong superhero on Earth.

After Mark’s 17th birthday, he begins to increase his skills, but his dad is there to assist him in learning how to manage them. The whole voice cast also involves Sandra Oh, and Seth Rogen.

Don’t be misled by the animated Saturday time cartoon fashion; this series is family-friendly, and there are more than some of the twists in initial episodes only.

American Gods

Depending on Neil Gaiman’s phenomenally prosperous book of the identical name, American Gods is amazingly unusual. The web series represents the story of fading old gods as the latest gods to replace them with specialties familiar to us 21st-century pioneers.

The God of technology has built from our commitment to the worldwide web and unparalleled connectivity.

However, the old gods aren’t leaving peacefully. And when they’re played by the similarities of Ian McShane, who has the gravitas required for such a position, you can assume fireworks in every episode.

The Man in High Castle

If you love tricks, then this is the web series for you. The series follows a tale that displays a future where the Nazis won World War II, and America is presently under Nazi control. The series has excellent performances and is visually iconic.

Made in Heaven

A famous Indian web series on the list. This comedy series focuses on two wedding planners in Delhi who deal with a mad wealthy family with a fabulous cast. Each character has a neutral shade, and everyone is lying. The series is going to keep you stuck.

Final Views

Here you have a complete package of entertainment. All web series mentioned above are exciting and entertaining. If you are a fan of web series and you don’t watch above mentioned series, then sorry, you are not familiar with the trendy and latest series.

I will keep you updated with famous web series after watching other ones until that watch these web series and make your weekend entertaining!

Thank You!

Written by Vivek Attri

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