Why Is Pashmina Expensive And Worth Every Penny?

Do you know what Pashmina means in Persia? This is the most popular wool in Persia. This is exclusively wool is obtained from the fine hair of the outer skin of the high altitude mountain goats. You will find these goats grazing in the Himalayan Steppes. Once you heard the word Pashmina, what comes to your mind immediately? We think it’s a wrap, shawl, stole, or other throw products from the Pashmina wool. If you have a Pashmina shawl in your wardrobe, you are the luckiest.

You might not know, but you will find Pashmina in two places, one that is produced in Kashmir, it is called cashmere Pashmina, and the other one produced in Nepal is called pure Pashmina. Apart from that, you will find silk Pashmina in Nepal, a blend of 70% Pashmina and 30% silk.

However, after seeing the price tag of a Pashmina Shawl For Men, the eyebrows will go up, and curiosity will come up, but what about the smile on your face? It will remain the same. A beautiful and authentic Pashmina can make you amazed, and you can not take your eyes off until you make it yours!

However, do you know the reasons behind the price tag? You should not reach any judgment before finding out the reasons. So, let’s break the ground.

Long Supply Chain

You might not know, but Pashmina production generally starts from the Changpas, who started combing Himalayan goats’ wool. However, the main question is, does it end here, and you get the perfectly woven Pashmina shawl? Of course not. After this, it goes through the embroiders, weavers, mediators, retailers, wholesalers, and so on! Doesn’t it justify the price tag on your favorite Pashmina piece?

Hand Woven

Any handwoven piece comes with high price tags because of various people’s efforts, and, of course, the supply chain is also responsible for it. The art of Pashmina pieces derives its roots from hand-woven artistry, and also, depending on the product, it might take weeks, months, or even years to get ready.

Reflects Royalty

We have previously highlighted that having a Pashmina shawl or scarf in your wardrobe makes you the luckiest. Pashmina brings a legacy of being associated with the famous and rich from earlier days. However, you can also attribute Pashmina’s expensive nature to the fabric as it used to be adorned and worn by queens and kings. In recent times, celebrities and high society people worldwide are cruising over this beauty!

Fewer Weavers

Nowadays, the number of weavers associated with this beautiful art is reducing, becoming a significant factor. However, the lack of infrastructures, facilities, and income are the primary reason behind this. You will find only a few ones that are still associated with the old art, and that’s why the supply is pretty low and affecting the price of Pashmina in the market.

So, these are some primary reasons you may consider before lifting the eyebrows. Having a Pashmina shawl or scarf will reflect the royalty.

Written by Harsh Babu


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