Benefits Of Including Blockchain In Cloud Solution Service

Do you think that blockchain is a particular technology that can be used only for cryptocurrency? Then you are absolutely wrong. It can be used as a golden opportunity to make businesses digital. Today we have become familiar with numerous technological inventions in the field of business, but the most striking and path-breaking invention is to combine blockchain and cloud solution services. You can get numerous benefits by merging these two and mark your success. A large number of cloud solutions companies are also experimenting with it. Is it sounds interesting to you? Do you wish to take the entire advantage of it? Wait, before jumping to any conclusion let’s gather some information about these technologies and how they can be used to win the world of business.

What is blockchain?

The term blockchain is closely related to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It is undoubtedly true that both of them are interwoven, but the true fact the use of blockchain technology is not only limited to the sector of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a decentralised ledger that keeps the information of all transactions across the network. To be very simple, it is a process of recording transaction information in such a way that no one can hack, or change it. It remains distributive across the network but it is highly resistant to tampering. So we can easily understand that if we combine blockchain and cloud solution services,  it will improve both security and privacy in an exemplary way. You can easily rely on it, as blockchain can record the information of millions of transactions worldwide which is hardly possible to tamper with. One of the most burning problems of the cloud user is data breaches.  The use of blockchain can prevent this and provide you with an improved cloud-based solution. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, it will store your data more securely with zero possibility of breaching. Today major cloud technology companies are adopting this technology in order to provide more compact and secure service to their customers. So, it has become quite popular among the top cloud solution company in India.


cloud solution services become popular for their high benefits and practicality. Suppose you need to store a huge collection of information like the purchase history of an insurance company. What will you do? Do you demand an entire room for putting those servers and saving those data? Sounds impractical, isn’t it? Moreover, you need to spend more money on tight security and constant connection to electricity. Switching to a cloud solution service can solve this problem. You will be provided with a remote solution which can be accessed by any user from any part of the world. It will remove the strain on your budget. Almost all famous cloud technology companies provide services in this way.

What are the different types of cloud solution services?

There are different types of cloud solutions services. Each one is different from another and designed to serve a different purpose. So, before selecting the types of cloud solution services, it is necessary to point out your requirements. You should choose the one which will serve your purpose most accurately. There are three different types of cloud solution services. They are listed below. Almost all significant  cloud technology companies will provide you with all these types of cloud services.

  1. Private cloud: Private cloud is a type of cloud service where the total infrastructure is particularly designed for a single-user organisation. Generally, most businesses prefer to use this type of cloud service as they need to handle more sensitive data. It ensures better security and privacy compared to the other types.
  2. Public cloud: It is an IT model. Here a third-party provider controls and manages the entire infrastructure and computing services and by using the public internet they are shared with more than one organisation. They are basically available on demand. Microsoft Azure is the most famous and popular public cloud which is used by 70% of companies in the market.
  3. Hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud system is a mixed computing service. It consists of a combination of cloud-based resources and on-premises infrastructures. Both work together to support the need for a business process of a particular organisation. It will provide you with more flexibility. This is one of the most famous service that most cloud solutions companies usually provide.

How the combination of blockchain and cloud computing service can provide benefits?

If the blockchain and cloud computing service can be woven together, it will provide you with outstanding benefits. You will be provided with benefits in major three fields. They are

  1. Unlock new opportunities for cloud services
  2. Improved security and privacy
  3. Better cloud back up solutions

It will solve your first and foremost purpose which is to increase your data security. Inclusion blockchain into cloud computing will increase data security hundred times. As in blockchain all the information are recorded in such a manner which is literally impossible to hack or change, you will be provided with the best protection against cyber attacks which is a major threat to the users. It will make your data more secure. It will be highly helpful for those businesses where it become necessary to store sensitive customer data. The cloud solutions companies who provide service with upgraded technologies prefers tto offer their service by combining with blockchain system.

The most notable benefit that you will get is the concrete backup solutions. Blockchain has the capability to increase cloud backup by preventing unauthorised access by using the encryption technology without hampering its integrity.

You will be provided with numerous opportunities. Blockchain is equipped enough to bring a series of different cloud based applications, such as cloud based cryptocurrencies, cloud storage, cloud computation etc. Actually the number of benefits you can gain is beyond the imagination of the users. That is the only reason implementing this technology in most cloud technology companies.


There are several sectors which can be highly benefitted by using this technology. But the sectors which have to collect and store a large collection of data like banking, healthcare, insurance, etc this technology will be a boon to them. This combination have the potentiality to bring countless advantages as well as provide a hundred times better data security. No matter whether your data is personal or business data, you must want to secure it in the best way as breaching will invite more complications. That is why you want to ensure that it may not reach to any wrong hand. We also often sae our personal data on cloud. So to incorporate blockchain into cloud solution services will be wise step to touch the next milestone of your success. You can easily handle your other business operation while blockchain will safely secure your data. Let your business grow through this wonderful combination. Who knows you may be the next significant cloud technology company worldwide!

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