Bathroom Design: Organizing Space and Choosing Style


When combining a bathroom with a toilet, you want to maintain maximum ease of use and create an interesting design for the room. It is necessary to know certain rules and apply design techniques to develop a certain interior style since each element must fit into a single style concept. In this article we will share some secrets and show, using interior photos as an example, how to create the ideal design of bathrooms combined with a toilet.

Basics of bathroom design combined with toilet

When renovating a combined bathroom, you can use any color scheme, decorative materials, furniture, plumbing fixtures, and accessories. Finishing the bathroom is only the first stage; then you need to think about the layout of the space because it must be ergonomic. There are three work areas in the bathroom:

  • sink
  • toilet
  • bath or shower

There is an “arm’s length rule” in design, according to which it is recommended to place bath amenities and accessories at arm’s length from water use points so that the bathroom combined with a toilet is as functional and comfortable as possible.

To properly plan the space and create a unified style concept for both a small bathroom and a spacious bathroom, you need to take into account several factors:

  • Style. For example, the classic style can be fully applied in spacious rooms. Styles such as hi-tech, minimalism, modernism, and constructivism are modern trends in design, so they are more democratic. For them, the practicality and functionality of the room are very important, and only then aesthetics.
  • Functionality. As you know, the bathroom is a place where the temperature and humidity levels are constantly changing. Therefore, carefully select finishing materials and interior items.
  • Fashion. Knowing fashion trends, you can use the current color to decorate both a small and spacious bathroom, which will undoubtedly highlight your sense of style and taste. In the near future, dark green shades and clay colors will be popular. As neutrals, you can use colors such as sand, beige, and nude pink.

Choosing colors and design options for a bathroom combined with a toilet

The color scheme of a room depends on several factors. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of the owner, the area of the room, the level of illumination, and the psychological impact of color on people. A professional designer can reveal the beauty of any shade. Conventionally, there are 4 lines in the paint collection:

  • neutral
  • natural
  • pastel
  • saturated

Each line has its own purity of tone, degree of softness, and muting. For spacious rooms, a neutral design is most suitable. A design in neutral colors does not charge emotions; it can be enlivened by adding woody tones along with shades of lush greenery and olive.

Natural colors in interior decoration are always relevant. These colors can be seen in any interior design direction. Natural shades look harmonious on the walls, in the finishing of the bathtub screen, in the lining of the shower stall, and even when decorating the toilet. Recently, dark and white wenge, as well as the Sonoma shade, have become in demand. In addition, beige with light gray and black with brown are very often combined.

Pastel colors have become familiar to many. Traditional colors are marine, such as blue, turquoise, and a combination of blue and green. You can add mint, peach, pale coral, and terracotta shades to them. Pastel colors such as milk, olive, cream, and beige also look good in a combined bathroom. If you add gold or bronze color to the above shades, the interior will look elegant. The shade of ivory and pearl tone with light mother-of-pearl is always relevant.

Even saturated colors are now commonly combined using an intermediate color. For example, to combine black and terracotta tones, add light gray. The creamy golden hue helps soften the transition from wine (orange) color to white. If a transition shade was not used, the contrast between the colors would be too sharp. The silver color neutralizes the contrast of black and purple, and the gold shade perfectly softens the transition from wood to black.

Lighting in bathroom design

Lighting must be planned based on the parameters of the room, ceiling height, and also taking into account the presence of ledges, niches, and partitions. Sometimes the main lamp, for certain reasons, cannot be located in the very center of the room. In this case, you can make compositional lighting, i.e. combine central lighting on the ceiling with additional lighting in other places: both on the ceiling and on the walls.

Given the strict requirements for light sources in the bathroom, experts recommend using LEDs. They are quite durable, harmless, and do not flicker during power surges. In addition, LEDs convert all consumed power into light and do not heat up, unlike their analogs. Another undoubted advantage is low power consumption, while the diodes shine brightly, but directionally.

Due to a certain direction of the light flux, which is quite limited, darkened places are formed. The area located directly under the lamp is more or less illuminated. In order to illuminate the entire room, it is necessary to provide additional lighting. Typically, LED backlighting is done at an equal distance from each other between spotlights.

How to choose decor when designing a bathroom

There are several ways to decorate the space of a combined bathroom:

  • installation of composite lighting
  • identical design of plumbing fixtures
  • zoning the room, creating accents, and using panels
  • the use of materials with different textures
  • decorating the room with accessories
  • creating a distinct interior style

You can use several techniques for decorating a room at the same time if you approach this issue wisely. As a rule, the illusion of an ensemble is created by plumbing fixtures. Therefore, it is chosen so that it has the same roundness of shapes, a single color, and glossy (matte) surfaces. Chrome valves, cistern buttons, faucets, and showers also highlight the unified style of the room.

To avoid the effect of a single color spot, the walls should not be the same color as the plumbing fixtures. The finishing material for decorating a bathtub, washbasin, and toilet should not be too textured, otherwise, it will be difficult to care for the coatings. If there are thresholds in the combined bathroom, they should be highlighted in a contrasting color to prevent people from tripping over them.

How to choose furniture for a bathroom combined with a toilet

It is recommended to choose bathroom cabinets and other furniture made from moisture-resistant materials such as plastic, metal, and certain types of wood. Interior items made from MDF and fiberboard are completely unacceptable. Furniture made from these materials is short-lived, as the structure of the fabric is destroyed by exposure to steam. If the products are made of wood, they are coated with a special antiseptic and water-repellent solution.

In any case, it is recommended to place furniture as far as possible from the bathtub, shower, or sink. It is also necessary to consider the ventilation system in the shower and separate this space with glass partitions. All these precautions are aimed at protecting furniture from moisture. It is advisable to install the furniture set in a niche. This allows you to free up space for movement and protects you from accidental bruises.

Most often, a cabinet, a chest of drawers with a mirror, a closet, or a rack are installed in the bathroom. In small bathrooms, you can only make shelves, which should preferably be placed in a niche. Many things, including laundry detergents, are placed in a cabinet with legs. This creates the impression of neatness and order because small items are hidden in the cabinet.

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