Everything That Is (And Do Not See) Behind A Custom Web Design

I have already told you on occasion how important it is for your brand to have a good personalized web design, which is beautiful as well as functional.

Today I want to go one step further and explain to you all the work behind the design of a completely personalized website, which is rarely given the value and importance it really has.

For this I am going to help myself with one of the projects that we have worked on in the studio in recent months, Domingo Delgado, image coach.

I’ll tell you a little above so you can position yourself. Clients usually contact us because they are no longer comfortable with their identity.

Need to be Professionalized

Perhaps because it no longer represents them; or because it represented them a while ago and now no longer; or because the objectives have changed and need to be professionalized.

So the first thing we do is get to know the client, we want to know about him, his brand, how he feels and how he imagines it, what his clients are like, etc.

From there we start to design your logo by logo design services, which will serve as the basis of the identity from which we can develop the design of your website.

In Domingo’s case, we started from the base of a logo that he had, and with which he claimed to feel identified.

Still, we suggested that he trust the team and he accepted. So we quickly got to work creating a mood board taking into account all the details that he had told us in the briefing: he wanted something elegant, premium and timeless.

From there, we began to work on different paths for identity that would maintain the essence that he wanted.

How Your Brand Would Be

To present the proposals to you and facilitate the perception of how your brand would be, we applied both proposals on images, stationery items, small areas of what your website could be, etc.

Keep in mind that redesigning an identity is a very important change for a client and that is why the process must be made as simple as possible.

Finally he opted for the identity that I show you below. So we could start to apply it in the design of their new website. As you can see, it continues to maintain the essence that it requested, but now it is much more elegant, more serious, more professional and premium.

In this way, as I was telling you, we began to work on the design of your website. Domingo started with an outdated web design, with nothing to make him stand out from his competition, with nothing to indicate that his services were premium. And what is worse, with nothing to identify with.

Having Custom Web Design

The fact of opting for a personalized web design, and not for a template, paves the way when it comes to making a website yours. That is, to capture how you are and what you want to convey. Because parts of a blank canvas that we paint according to how you feel.

Programming is another important part, since a great identity and web design is useless if the template you install limits your possibilities.

No matter how complete a template is, it will never be able to reach everyone’s imagination, which is why we have always worked from scratch on each personalized project, without using third-party templates.

Below you can see some before and after design of your website and blog. As you can see, now it is much more elegant, more sober and better transmits the essence of Domingo Delgado, which was the main objective to be addressed.

To complete the identity and that everything had the same essence, we also designed the headers for your social networks. And, in addition, we apply the new identity to your PDF documents, more specifically to an eBook, in order to reinforce your new brand.


As you can see, in a custom web design project, you don’t just design what you finally see. But behind there is a lot of work and time.

It is a longer process, but it also has many advantages. The first and most important is that in a personalized project we can design exactly what you want, just as you imagined it.

We have no limits when it comes to unleashing our creativity, and that makes your website completely separate from that of your competition.

I trust that this post has helped you to understand much more everything that implies a personalized project and an exclusive web design based on an identity that identifies you 100%. And if you are thinking of taking the step, be encouraged, because I assure you that it will be worth it.

Written by Dominic Lester

Writer and Editor

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