8 Game-Based Learning Platforms That Can Help You in Doing Homework


Is it normal not to like homework? The answer may be yes; everyone finds it boring for their reasons. In university, the workload makes scholars’ life so hectic that they seek for Do my homework help from professionals.

Even research has said that it is the only work student finds tedious. They think spending too much time on it can lead to not meeting other activities, which can negatively affect students and give them stress. This is the reason why they avoid writing homework, but there is some fun activity that can make it easy. You heard it right. There are a few games, that will make your work easy, which are listed below.

Games That Help Students With Their Assignment

Many studies have found that students who spend too much time on do my homework experience more stress. Do you ever think about how this problem can resolve? If not, then this article is going to help you. A potentially tedious study can be changed into an adventurous one help of game-based learning. It helps to keep scholars engaged with the subject and motivates them to pursue great expertise. According to research, when students use games to learn new things, it can help them to increase social and emotional learning and motivate them. These are some game-based learning that might be useful for students.

1. EdApp: It is a platform that integrates various engagements that help scholars to increase their course completion rates. It also ensures an impactful experience of learning for learners. They have many instructional designers who are available to create game-based courses according to the requirements. This app is quickly becoming the most loved mobile training platform. It has microlearning strategies that break down information into small-size modules and only focus on the necessary elements of a topic. This is helpful as it completes courses in just a minute, which can be useful for doing homework.

2. Kahoot: Kahoot is the best way to learn your course; it works as an online quiz maker that uses visually appealing gamification elements to maximise engagement and ensure a high completion rate. Learners can easily access this game and quizzes through a mobile app or browser. One of the best parts of this platform is it can be presented on a shared screen and can be accessed by a group of players at the same time via a video conferencing platform. They provide trainers with reporting and analytics so that they can provide feedback.

3. Gametize: It is an enterprise-grade game-based platform with an LMS solution that enables an organisation to improve its employees’ training experience. With the help of this tool, the student can easily design gamified content with a vast library of templates. You can also boost training completion and training engagement. It uses leaderboards, rewards and badges that drive motivation and healthy competition among scholars. There are various advantages of using this app like team collaboration, player moderation and result tracking. They build a community where people can comment and message each other, which makes it interesting.

4. Centrical: It is a powerful gaming training software that allows one to design content according to gamified microlearning. With this feature, students can create game-based materials without needing advanced technical design skills. This is not enough one can also customise learning challenges, design quest-based games and set prize-winning competitions that help students to adopt the right behaviours in a risk-free environment. It helps scholars to improve the overall knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Centrical provides new games and raffles, so learners’ excitement remains throughout the entire management feature.

5. Archy Learning; It is an all-in-one gamification training software and e-learning platform that can be used by anyone to host a global classroom and is perfect for people who are training remote teams across the globe. With the help of its intuitive user interface, scholars can easily copy Youtube links and paste them or upload classroom notes and other digital resources. Students can even design learning paths through custom course quizzes, homework and interactive video modules. They also provide course certificates after completion of the lessons. Other tools are designed to give students insight into their course progress and results.

6. Hoopla: Hoopla is a game software related to sales and engagement solutions that are designed for the sales team to increase performance through the contest. It is a mobile app where one can identify sales goals or race-style contests that promote competition between employees and accelerate the productivity of the team, and they can even track their performance through the tool’s built-in leaderboards system. Hoopla has a system when an employee reaches their target, they automatically send a live update to their fellow team, so that everyone can celebrate their success. These things make learning fun while hitting targets.

7. GoSkills: Go skills is a LMS (learning management solution), which is packed with features to create designed training courses. It has a wide selection of courses featuring business writing, web development and data analysis. Every course on GoSkills is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Students can also get verified certifications that can be useful in adding a resume. There is a massive course catalogue that is design by professionals. They even come with various placement tests that you can use to learn what kind of progress you made and what gaps.

8. Raptivity: Raptivity is a modern-age tool that will change the learning experience it is an eLearning solution that one can use to engage and visually stimulate learning material. This tool has a feature which has pre-made responsive interactions that includes panning slides and 360 interactions. Even if one has no experience in designing, they can customise quizzes and games according to their requirements. In this process, you are a teacher who can maximise the tool’s abilities to keep your learners engaged throughout their journey. There is interactive displays, games and quizzes option which makes it interesting for scholars.

All these Game-based learning platforms will make the student experience fun, and they can do their homework easily.

In this article, you get complete information about gaming-based programs that can make your homework journey fun. Due to any reason, you require to do my homework help. You can get in touch with the professionals who are available online. Their customer support is available all day to provide you with assistance.

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