5 Points to Consider When Investing in Real Estate

One of the most crucial aspects of the investment process is deciding where to put your capital. Real estate has always been an excellent investment option, and recent surveys have found that it has become one of the best return investments over time, outperforming stocks and bonds.

Due to its security and stability as a tangible asset, real estate is promoted as the best investment opportunity.

Although real estate can provide “passive income,” there is really nothing passive about it. To generate a good return, investors need a great deal of knowledge and experience in real estate, as well as being prepared to do their best to obtain their returns.

So, what exactly does it take to be a good real estate investor?

To get started, here are 5 key points to consider before investing in property:

1. Rental markets around the world are projected to rise by more than 2% this year.

Many areas of the world seem to be shifting toward a rental economy, with rents on a number of major property types set to increase in 2018. As a result, if you were to invest in real estate today, buying to rent tends to be the best choice. This is a better choice. This is advantageous to real estate investors because they are able to recoup their initial investment.


2. The real estate sector is inefficient and needs comprehensive information.

When it comes to real estate investments, many people consider macro, regional, and local factors. However, it is also more complex than that. Since each property has its own features, it’s difficult to compare it to other properties that tend to be identical. Investors who are well-informed and have a lot of experience will make a big difference.

3. Today’s mortgage rates can be extremely dangerous.

Low mortgage rates, you might have heard, make it a good time to invest in real estate and receive mortgages. Although this is valid to some degree, mortgage rates continue to be rising, and you should know what would happen if your payments begin to increase. As mortgage rates increase, many households can find themselves unable to make payments, and the once-enticing rental income becomes unappealing.

4. Are you ready to own?

While the idea of monthly rental income may sound appealing, are you willing to do the work it takes to achieve those returns? You’ll need to search for tenants, make sure you have time to manage the property, and be prepared to deal with any issues or breakages that may arise. One element that many people do not realize is the paperwork that owning a rental property means, you need to be aware of the monthly inputs and outputs, as well as the different taxes and payments required to buy a rental property.

5. Getting a well-diversified portfolio will assist you in reducing risks.

While it may seem like a good idea to figure out how much you can afford to invest in real estate and use that amount to buy a single property, it isn’t always. It is always a safer choice to try to purchase many smaller properties in various places in order to reduce the risk of getting all of your equity in a single property or in a particular city or region. While real estate is generally a secure and stable investment, currency fluctuations, political unrest, natural disasters, and even shifts in local rental markets can all pose risks. Therefore, if you can have properties in multiple geographical locations, this risk is reduced and if one of your investment properties achieves lower returns.

Written by Fabrizio Cravero

I am Fabrizio Cravero, Property Investor, and Property Investment Mentor.  I am growing my own portfolio of UK properties and passionately sharing my knowledge with other investors thorough my Property Investment Mentorship. Every week, I releases new videos in my YouTube channel that will help other people succeed in UK Property Investment.

Now that I am a well established, I want to guide other people through the same path that led me to my personal financial freedom.

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