6 Things to Take Care of When Checking Out of a Hotel

Are you done vacationing in your oceanfront hotel in Los Angeles and it’s time to head back to your house? Nothing can bring a deep frown on your face than moving back to your home after having a blast on vacations.

Now that it’s time and you cannot do anything about it, there are a few things that you need to take care of when you check out of your hotel. Taking care of these things leaves a good impression of you as a customer on the hotel staff.

Let’s get started with it.

Get the Freebies

Now, it’s not something to be called cheap or out-of-behavior. In reality, you’re only taking things that you partially used or didn’t use at all. Since you paid for them, it’s okay to carry them with you. You can check if there’s any food in the mini-fridge, bottled water, toiletries, magazines, etc. to keep with you while you travel. Take it this way, these things will always make you remember the amazing stay you had at the hotel.

Thoroughly Check the Room

Here comes the important part. If you have traveled over two continents for vacation, then you must pack all of your things when you leave the hotel. You cannot take the next flight again to the hotel because you forgot your cell phone in there. Be practical and don’t be hasty. Check under the bed, mattress, in the bathroom, in the drawers, etc. to not leave anything behind. Make sure your medicines, phone charger, phone, necessary documents, etc. are all in one place. The best to do it is you can make a list of things that you carry with you to the vacation, so when you leave, tick mark all of them to not forget anything.

Tip the Housekeeping

Yes, because it’s the right way. Paying the hotel for your stay is okay, but tipping the housekeeping is morally and ethically the best way to appreciate them for their work. They change your bedsheets, clean your room, bring you food, and much, much more. When you leave the hotel, it’s appropriate for you to tip them even if it is a small amount for their generous help. You’ve to admit one thing unless the housekeeping is good, there’s no chance that you can enjoy your stay in any hotel.

Leave the Used Towels in the Tub

Are you planning on taking even your used towels with you? Because, eh! You don’t have to pack the whole hotel and take it with you as a souvenir. Make sure that all the used towels are in the tub, so when the housekeeping comes to clean your room, they know which ones are used and which ones are not. Ease their work a little!

Review Your Charges

As mentioned above, don’t be hasty to leave the hotel. Always review the charges in your bill. While it may be difficult for you to remember everything regarding the last 14 days, the best way to do it is to write all your expenses. At the time when you have to review your bill, the list can help you tremendously. You can easily verify all the payments and save your time. Be active about what you have to pay and what comes in the hotel’s stay.

Be Honest About the Problems

Are there any problems that you faced in your Venice beach California Restaurants? Be honest about them. Complaining about things that were not right is not being rude, you are only helping the hotel to improve their services. However, the tone in which you convey the message speaks a lot. Be normal about the problems and honestly mention all of it in your review about the stay.


There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of while you leave a hotel. If there is anything else that you would like to add on the list, feel free to do so. Don’t be hasty to leave the hotel. No one is paying attention to keeping their things in place when they are on vacation. So, at the time of packing, everything is just splattered around. Take time to pack your stuff so you don’t forget anything behind at the hotel!

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