6 Points to Consider Before Selecting the Best Glass Pool Fences

Pools are a signature of any luxury home. And if you own such property, then you should have frameless glass pool fences. It is not only for safety reasons but will add to the glamour of your pool.

Your desire for an unobstructed panoramic view of the outdoors is only possible with the installation of glass pool fences. You are not the only member of your home, but your children and pets must be protected while playing around the poolside. And this defensive measure acts as a protective enclosure around your pool.

Factors to Consider for Glass Pool Fences

Glass pool fencing is slowly gaining pace, so you need to consider certain points to buy the correct product that will enhance the overall appearance of the area surrounding your poolside.

1. Variety of Glass Pool Fences

The market is loaded with various types of products in this segment. You need to think about the ambiance and classy factor you require around your pool.

One of the trendiest styles is the frameless glass pool fencing that is catching the fancy of millennials. You can get a complete view of the pool yet maintain the requisite safety.

But before you plunge into its installation, let the glaziers and the experienced glass providers visit your pool, so that the style you have selected conforms to the statutory standards of the region.

2. Quality of Glass Panels

It is your onus to communicate with an expert glass panel provider who is well-equipped with a glass pool fence installer.

The primary factor is the quality of the glass. If you procure it from a genuine supplier, then they will supply you with strong, heat-treated robust panels that can withstand the eccentrics of the weather. Moreover, it will not shatter or crack due to regular wear and tear and sudden bangs.

3. Dimensions and Maintenance

The local regulations dominate the height, width, and thickness of your glass pool fence. Generally, certain guidelines are followed related to this matter, which have been stated below for your awareness.

  • The height of the glass fence should be 1200 mm tall and 900 mm Non-Climbable zone (NCZ) for the perimeter of the pool. The latter has been incorporated into the safety standard to discourage young children from climbing the fence.
  • In the case of the child safety barrier, the minimum height set is 1800 mm. in the presence of a boundary fence of 1800mm, the NCZ is to be measured from the poolside of the fence.
  • The gate panel thickness must be 8 mm, and for main glass panels, it can vary between 6-8 mm based on the style.
  • The frameless pool fences should have thicknesses ranging between 12-18 mm, and the semi-frameless installation fixed at 10 mm.

Well, many installers or suppliers can pitch for 6 mm thick panels if you have budget constraints. But it will be prone to breakage during stormy weather and sudden blow or jerk.

Hence, from your end, you should be well prepared in advance, and having this information can guide you to buy this product conveniently.

4. Budget

The cost incurred to purchase the pool fence is inevitable, but along with this, you need to consider the installation amount.

The area of your swimming pool, the size, and style of the fence, gates, and safety barriers near the pool, all are combined elements that will determine the overall cost of installation.

Normally, the average cost of such fencing begins from $250 or 275 per meter and can extend to $700. Remember that different regions have different installers whose rates vary. You should get this matter clarified beforehand during the discussion session to ascertain the realistic cost of pool fencing.

5. Ease of Installation

Accurate installation is compulsory for ensuring the effective safety of the glass pool fence. Mainly a decade-old firm operating in this field has access to certified and knowledgeable glaziers who have the expertise to install this product perfectly.

The requirement for specific tools that are great in quality and strength like the spigots are brought by the installers to provide a durable structure to the glass pool fence of your choice.

6. Aesthetics Matter a Lot

The frameless pool fencing is a beauty in itself. Apart from acting as a standalone barrier to your pool, it adds elegance to the surrounding space.

Both the frameless and semi-frameless options are highly aesthetic and allow you an uninterrupted view of the poll water while you are relaxing in your backyard.

These customized glass products are elegantly designed to elevate your poolside experience.

Are you really interested in pool fencing? Then you should contact the best pool fence installers at your disposal. They will professionally handle your project and execute this task with utmost dedication so that it adds value to your money and also increases the market value of your property.

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