Why Is Online Robotics Course For Kids The Right Fit For Them?

In order for a robot to function properly, a combination of computer programs & algorithms is required. Online robotics courses for kids teach young minds how to program a robot by using the right combination of computer programs and algorithms. With the help of a robotics course for kids, the students will learn the fundamentals of robotics from scratch. They will first understand the logic behind the code, then they will understand the concept of building algorithms and how to apply these algorithms in action. As per predictions, by 2030 there are speculations that robots will replace up to 20 million factory jobs. Robotics for kids trigger young learners’ creative headspace and make them innovators of tomorrow. During the robotics classes for kids, young learners face multiple challenges. They can overcome these challenges with the help of the trial and error method.


Robotics is a multidisciplinary field. A learner in this field needs to have knowledge about different fields as well such as computer science, mechanical & electrical engineering. This robotics field for kids overlaps with AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet Of Things), etc. So, if a child learns robotics, then he/she also learns about other fields indirectly which is a good thing. Thus, Robotics can be termed as an all-in-one STEM-based learning experience for kids.

How To Spark Your Child’s Interest in Robotics Course For Kids?

In the early years, kids have a curious nature. If we introduce them to interesting technology concepts, they will develop curiosity about these concepts. They will learn with the help of 4 major STEM Learning Methods such as Observation, Question, Hypothesis, and hands-on experimentation. The young learners who learn about robotics in their early years enhance their computational thinking skills. These skills are one of the 21st-century skills that foster the ability to think in a calculated step-by-step method that is widely useful in robotics courses for kids. As per studies, it is predicted that by 2025, the educational robot market is expected to increase by 16% annually.

What Are The Benefits Of Robotics Classes For Kids?

There are lots of lucrative career opportunities in the field of robotics. As per the salary analysis carried out by Payscale, an experienced Robotics engineer in India can earn an average salary of Rs. 30,00,000 per annum. Robotics is a field that focuses more on a hands-on learning approach. Robotics for kids is an excellent tool for learning. They can program their own robots with the help of programming languages such as embedded C, Java, Python, etc. using an open-source electronic prototyping platform like Arduino Uno.

How To Choose The Best Robotics Course For Kids?

There are many edtech companies in India that offer robotics courses for kids. Tinkerly- a leading edtech company offers the best online coding classes for kids at an affordable price. These coding classes for kids are based on the grade-wise concept of innovative technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet Of Things), and Robotics & Game Development using Scratch Programming language. The young learners will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of these technologies through hands-on learning with STEM learning kits. These STEM learning kits are a part of the course curriculum.

Irrespective of the social-economic status of the learner, these courses are designed in such a way that they will keep the learner hooked to learning. In theoretical learning, the children memorize the concepts to learn. If the young learners gain insight into STEM education, they will learn to build real-life projects. It happens because STEM education is purely based on teaching young learners with hands-on learning approaches. These learning approaches are beneficial for young learners as they gain knowledge about real-life concepts through practice. All the creative ideas and innovations come from young learners’ minds.

What Are The Applications Of Robotics In Real-life?

Given below are the real-life applications of robotics such as:

  1.  As Co-bots who are working with human employees in manufacturing plants. These are used for the purposes of fabrication, assembly of parts, sorting, and packaging of products.
  2.  Autonomous household robots that are useful in tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, etc.
  3.  As autonomous robots in Theme parks (For example, Disney World) to provide an extraordinary experience to their customers.
  4.  To provide assistance in agriculture, For example, an agriculture-based robot- Ecorobotix is used for the purpose of eliminating the weeds on the farm. This special robot makes judicious use of solar energy.
  5.  A remote-controlled robot is useful in underwater exploration. It is very useful for exploring the places that a human is unable to reach.
  6.  As a customer service robot, for example, there is a humanoid robot in Singapore named Nadine. The function of this robot is to recognize people from their visit history, shake hands, and make eye contact.
  7.  As an Adhesive Dispensing Robot, for example, a dispensing robot applies adhesives and sealants in a wide range of applications.


So, these are the applications offered by Robotics in real-life scenarios. The online robotics course for kids offer insight into the fundamentals of robotics. If a child has clear basics of robotics from an early age, there is a strong chance that they will pursue a career in robotics. A lot of lucrative job opportunities are there in the field of robotics. All a young learner needs is proper guidance and motivation that they will get from robotics classes for kids.

Summing Up!

In a nutshell, Robotics is a trending technology in 2022. So, the early years are the right time for kids to acquire knowledge about this Robotics field. Thus, choosing an online robotics course for kids is the most amazing step a parent can take to upskill their young learners.

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