Which firm is the best for hiring React Native developers?

which firm is best for react native developers

After hours of tiring research, you finally decide on your dream React Native application, an open-source framework

But does the story end here? Unfortunately no. You need a reliable team of developers to help you convert your dream app into reality with the most pleasing user experience. 

And finding the right React Native development service can be quite a task. But don’t worry, we took care of it for you. 

In this blog, we share: 

  • Top React Native Development firms that are experts in what they do
  • Tips for choosing the dream React Native development service for you

Let’s dive in.

Top React Native Development Firms In 2022

Below is the list of some of the most promising companies to hire react native developers:


#1. React Native Development Company

Based in Florida, React Native Development Company (RNCD) provides leading-edge mobile application solutions that have helped many businesses to scale. 

They deploy serverless computation, auto-scaling, a modern software development process, and design with the highest quality code review. 

Why Hire React Native Developers From RNDC?

  • The in-house team of REACT experts, who have worked on several app development projects,
  • Absolute cross-platform options for IOS, Android, and Web app development
  • Ensure stability, success, and scalability to their full potential right from ideation to launch. 

What React Native Development Services Company Is Expert In:

  • Prototyping and Wireframing 
  • UI Development 
  • MVP Development 
  • Full-Cycle App Development 
  • REST API Development 
  • REST API Integration 
  • Support & Maintenance 
  • Payment Gateway Integration



If you want to digitize your business and need power, speed, and flexibility, then WEDOWEBAPPS is the one you should pick for your React Native app development needs. From project planning to the last step of launch, they have helped several companies launch apps and centralize eCommerce portals.  

What’s unique about WEDOWEBAPPS? 

  • Along with many other famous apps, WEDOWEBAPPS created Vibes, the most prominent African entertainment industry platform. 
  • They have received many notable awards for being the top mobile app development company

Services provided by WEDOWEBAPPS:

  • Web Development 
  • Mobile Development 
  • Frontend Development 
  • Backend Development 
  • CMS Development 
  • UI/UX Development 
  • Internet Marketing
  • E-commerce Development 

Ready To Use Solutions By WEDOWEBAPPS:

  • Taxi Booking Application 
  • Online Food Ordering App Development 
  • Sports and Fitness Application 
  • Video Streaming Application 

Experience: 10+ years 

Client Retention Ratio: 97%

Projects Completed: 700+

Team Strength: 60+


#3. RVO Media

RVO Media is an expert in creating several prominent interactive web and app solutions using React Native. With vast access to several tools, libraries, and databases, their team of dedicated react native developers are best at developing react native iOS and Android Apps.  

Why choose RVO Media?

  • Track Record for delivering expert eCommerce strategic solutions
  • Migration and a Full range of app development support services
  • Mobile app building for Android and IOS
  • Secure and Scalable solutions
  • Agile app development approach

RVO Media service list includes:

  • Website Design and Development for personal, business, e-commerce, and brand activation needs
  • Mobile app development for Android and IOS by using React Native
  • Branding, digital video, and online marketing solutions

Their past work record:

  • Osas Ighodaro’s profile website
  • Booking Africa- Home of Creatives
  • Bella Disu Profile Website
  • Access 24 News
  • Things Nigerians Love Online Store
  • Cars 45 TVC


#4. Nimble Chaps

Nimble Chaps is known for providing cost-effective React Native App Development services. They use the latest frameworks and libraries to develop native iOS and Android apps. 

Why choose Nimble Chaps? 

  • Flexible Hiring Models 
  • An experienced core team 
  • 24×7 Customer Support System 
  • Value to provide 

Hire React Native App Developers by Nimble Chaps For:

  • React Native App Consultation 
  • React Native UI Design
  • React Native App Development 
  • UI Design
  • React Native Migration
  • React Native Resource Augmentation 
  • Support & Maintenance 

Industries served by Nimble Chaps:

  • Real Estate 
  • Healthcare 
  • Restaurant 
  • Education 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Travel App 
  • Fashion 
  • Retail 
  • Social Network 

Upwork and DesignCrush.com awarded Nimble Chaps as a top-rated mobile development company. With an experience of over seven years, they have some renowned apps included in their portfolio, such as, 

  • All in one 
  • InstaGigs
  • Spades 


#5. Perfection Geeks

Perfection Geeks is a mobile app development and consulting company for those finding digital solutions through React Native. Based in the USA, Perfection Geeks provides the following services:

  • React Native App Development 
  • Website App Development 
  • Mobile App Development 

What does pricing look like? 

The cost of React Native App Development depends on many factors, such as functionalities, features, and the location of your app. Still, to give you an approximate cost, it can lie between $20,000 and $50,000. 

The 6-step process of React Native app development:

  1. Discuss and validate the idea
  2. Market Analysis 
  3. Update Advanced Technologies 
  4. Plan Your Budget
  5. Development framework from Scratch 
  6. Market your App


#6. Markovate

As a reputed React Native development company, Markovate aims to provide native-like mobile apps. With ten years of experience, they have served some renowned names in the industry, such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and some other notable clients of Markovate are:

  • Walmart 
  • Dell 
  • Amazon 
  • Forbes 
  • P&G
  • Nike

And the list is long. 

Their React Native app development end-to-end process looks something like this: 

Discovery Ideation ⇾ Design ⇾ Develop ⇾ Test and Launch ⇾ Support and Enhancement 

Industries they serve in:

  • SaaS
  • Fintech 
  • Retail 
  • Travel 
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Healthcare

Based on your needs, you can choose one of the below engagement models to hire React Native developers:

  1. Strategic Partnership 
  2. Technical Expertise 
  3. Maintenance Support  


#7. Postindustria

Postindustria is a team of expert engineers, developers, and designers helping businesses build mobile apps through React Native. They have been a partner of React Native since 2015. In all these years, they have served in many industries, such as,

  • Healthcare 
  • FinTech 
  • Fashion 
  • AdTech 
  • Music innovations

Services Postindustria provides:

  • AI Development 
  • AR Development
  • Mobile Application Development  
  • 3D Product Modeling Services 
  • Ad Revenue Increase 
  • Mobile SDK Services
  • SSAI Solutions 
  • E-Banking Development 

Notable clients of Postindustria:

  • Starbucks
  • Customate
  • Mahmee
  • Anova
  • AdRev
  • OpenX

Rating on Clutch: stars

Operating: 15 years 

Avg Experience: 4 years  


#8. Gurutechnolab 

Guru Technolabs builds next-gen digital solutions for websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing using React Native. They have excellent ratings on notable platforms like Google, Clutch, Trustpilot, etc. The following are the industries in which they have already created an impact : 

  • Dating
  • Enterprise
  • Ecommerce 
  • Restaurant 
  • Travel 
  • Healthcare 
  • Sports 

And many more. 

Why choose Guru Techno Labs?

  • Agile process and scrum events 
  • Seamless communication
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Result-Oriented Approach

Clients: 200+

Web and mobile app development projects: 350+

Rating: 4.8/5

Services provided by Guru Technolabs:

  • React Native App Ideation and Consultation 
  • Full Cycle App Development with React Native 
  • React Native Migration 
  • React Native for MVP Development
  • Server-side APIs for React Native Mobile Apps
  • React Native App Code Audit 
  • React Native Support & Maintenance 

Mobile Apps delivered by Guru Technolabs:

  • Abha Social App
  • Quick Invoice Maker 
  • Neighbours Gate 
  • Konnected App
  • Babies Nutrition 

And the list is long. 

Now that you know the top companies through which you can hire react native developers, how to select the best one for yourself?


How Can You Choose the Right React Native Development Company?

The right way to find out the best react native developer is self-questioning; without interrogations, there isn’t any way for any kind of solution. 

Here, asking yourself significant questions becomes mandatory before choosing the best React Development firm.


#1. What’s Your Budget? 

If you haven’t curated a budget, grab a pen and paper and devise the right one. You will encounter several React Native service providers with varied price ranges. 

As a service seeker, it is essential to understand how much it costs to hire React Native developers


#2. What’s the Company’s Client Satisfaction Profile?

Before partnering, you should understand the firm other than what the company has directly approached you. The next step is a thorough understanding of the company’s profile. To do that, you should visit all places that speak righteously of the company with the least artificiality. 

  • Run through the portfolio
  • Read case studies
  • Check out client reviews carefully 
  • Connect with past clients to interpret everything close to accuracy


#3. What’s Company’s Speciality and Expertise in React Native?

The next most important question is the company’s expertise and sound knowledge of React Native. In this context, you should look for:

  • Total number of react native developers to hire
  • The framework utilization in react app development
  • Hybrid application and future-rich cross-platform
  • Customization, Consultancy, and Development expertise
  • On-time service delivery track


#4. What is Their Tech Stack?

‘Tech Stack,’ also called ‘Solution Stack,’ is the company’s technological capability and combination. It constitutes of:

  • Framework
  • Database
  • Programming language
  • Backend tools
  • Front-end tools
  • Applicant’s API connection

React Native firms come from a technical base; thus, running through their tech stack is integral.


#5. Have You Talked About Ownership and Legalities?

Engaging in app building cannot be without pre-set legal and ownership boundaries. The company might be building an app, but what rights? How much of the full-stack app and its native codes would be in your control? Take the opportunity to define the legal aspects of the contract on paper. 


#6. What is The Firm’s Engagement Model for hiring React Developers, and what is the tentative development time?

Before you make the final call to hire react developers from a reputable react development service provider in the USA, check out the company’s engagement models and pick one that matches your requirements. 

Lastly, discuss the dates to plan the launch and see if the React Native firm can match the expectations. 


Key Takeaways 

The detailed write-up aimed to help you understand every sensitive and essential aspect of partnering with a React Native Firm. From understanding the preset requirements to the post-app-building maintenance facility, every step should be well-versed before joining hands. 

We hope you find an apt React Native company.



1. Which is the best company for React Native?

There are various React Native companies. The best ones include WEDOWEBAPPS, Nimble Chaps, Perfection Geeks, Markovate, and postindustrial. 


2. How much does it cost to hire a react native developer?

Hiring a react native developer can cost you around 120-150 USD per hour. It also depends on factors like what kind of post-app construction maintenance you require from the developer or if nothing. In such situations, cost becomes variable.


3. What platforms are similar to React Native?

There are other platforms for app construction too! Some names include Flutter, Xamarian, Swift, and Native Script. But, React is the most preferred by many companies, such as Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram.

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