When Should You Call Experts For Performing Asbestos Testing

Asbestos has a bad reputation for being harmful; however, this is not quite right. Most homeowners have no idea what it actually is. You might think – when to perform asbestos testing? And should you worry if you have it? Unfortunately, they always make the wrong decision and end up regretting it. So here we are explaining to you all the answers to your question one by one. Please have a look at it.

 What is Asbestos?

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a mineral, naturally found on earth. They use it around the globe in building and construction for its heat-resistance property. But recently its use has been increased in schools, home, and commercial buildings. As a result, it is causing hazardous health issue relating to cancer. Breathing in asbestos causes damage to the lung leading to lung cancer.

When to Perform the Test?

  • When Renovating: Many owners are under the false assumption that if their building is old or constructed after the EPA, it is free of asbestos and does not require testing. But it is a myth, as asbestos was never completely removed from the newly constructed building. As a result, you must carry out asbestos testing at the time of renovation.
  • When carrying out Demolition Work: Building material you use may be created recently but may still contain asbestos. These are not harmful when used right but can damage when disturbed. When you carry out demolition work, you are unknowingly hurting your workers. Asbestos can mix in air dust and can cause hazardous damage to everyone in the construction area, especially workers.
  • Insulating or Fireproofing: Renovation and demolition are not the only condition when you disturb asbestos. They also disturb it at insulating and fireproofing. Maintenance work and routine up-gradation can also put many people’s health at stake. For this reason, it is necessary before performing any such activity you must perform asbestos testing.

How to check if your house is under asbestos attack?

The chance of your house getting attacked by asbestos increases if it is a structure of before the 1980s.This period is before we were aware of asbestos being a threat. To check whether the nasty white spots you found in your attic are asbestos or not, you need an expert. It is essential to hire professional for asbestos testing to ensure that no threat or danger hides in your walls, ceiling and floor.

Should you worry if you have it?

It can be a little tricky to differentiate asbestos into the safe and hazardous category. There is no single category of asbestos that can be easily categorised, and there are many. Each type has a different level of danger that ranges from minimal to severe. Amosite and Crocidolite asbestos is the most dangerous, and if you have it, do asbestos testing as quickly as possible.

Asbestos Testing

However, if your house has Chrysotile asbestos, there is a much less threat to your lungs. Regardless of the case, it would be best if you always treated it with professional help, therefore, if you suspect any reach out for use.

When is immediate action required?

Whenever you suspect any asbestos, take action immediately. However, if you see that the asbestos is airborne or can become airborne, asbestos testing is required immediately.


These are some facts that can help you know more about asbestos testing. But if you find any, do not get rid of it yourself as it can be highly hazardous. You will not only put yourself at risk but also the one coming in contact with the area.

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