Taking perfect photos with your mobile phone

Taking perfect photos with your mobile phone

Mobile Phone Industry has witnessed a revolution after the invention of smartphones. One of the primary features of a modern-day smartphone is its high-quality camera that can compete or even belittle any DSLR or basic SLR cameras. It is right to quote that the latest smartphone cameras are highly efficient and are now being used for professional photography. Not only they are compact, handy, and user friendly, it does not require any prior training or experience to start shooting like a pro.

The quality of lenses, ability to click High definition images, Ultra zoom, HD video recording, High-speed action, low light photography capacity, time-lapse, studio-quality portrait shots, etc and much more is now a reality with quality smartphones. The high mobility of a pocket-size mobile device equipped with such a high-quality camera has completely revolutionized the world of photography. The photos clicked on your mobile phones need no download on PCs for editing. The photos can be edited and enhanced by numerous photo-editing apps easily downloadable in both IOS and Android phones.

In a matter of a few minutes or even seconds, a professional-quality photo can be produced & printed at home or even while you are traveling. Thanks to the high-speed internet connectivity & social media platforms, the clicked photos are up and ready for viewing for millions of subscribers online, in a matter of minutes. High tech cameras, expensive lenses, and high-end equipment have become optional for many as more and more people are getting hooked to their mobile phone cameras.

Mobile phone cameras are incomplete if we don’t talk about the madness of selfies. Be it a kid or a youngster or even my elderly parents & even grandparents are glued to this fantastic invention named Selfie. Now a day’s selfie is more of a habit than an important photo option where each one of us would like to look their very best in a self-clicked portrait, expressing our momentary moods and emotions. Even a couple of decades back, what seemed to be a high-tech scientific dream, is a reality today. Smartphones equipped with smart cameras have changed our lives forever.

How many of us are satisfied with the quality of photos you click on your mobile phones? We know for sure that the human habit of pushing the boundaries knows no limits. Armed with high-performance mobile cameras we would like to click awe-inspiring shots that would attract thousands of likes (if not millions) on a social media platform. We shall discuss some simple tricks and techniques that can do a world good to improve the quality of your photography using your smartphone.


Adjusting your exposure and brightness for sharper pictures 

It is extremely important to make sure that the subject of your photograph has adequate light, and brightness is just perfect, neither overexposed nor underexposed. The focus of your camera must be right on the object that you want to shoot or equally balanced with its surroundings in case of a landscape photo. But how would you adjust your exposure to your smartphone camera? Its very simple, you just need to tap your finger on the screen and follow the yellow box. Tap the box to make your object look brighter and untap it to make it darker. With the right exposure, you can click high-resolution sharp images. The brightness of your photos can even be adjusted later on with the inbuilt photo editing tools attached to your photos Application. Even for clicking high contrast scenes your mobile phone camera has options to adjust just the right exposure.

Use the HDR option 

HDR or High dynamic range camera option allows you to click high clarity, sharp photos in a difficult scenario where you need to capture both dark area and bright area together in your frame. In a high contract landscape scene, for example, the sky is bright whereas the ground is dark or vice versa. Without the HDR option, the exposure will struggle to click the correct details, the shadows would either look too dark or the sky will look too bright and might spoil your photo. HDR option strikes the right balance. In the camera settings of your mobile phone, you have an option to choose the Smart HDR option. When this option is selected the phone automatically clicks HDR quality pictures without any requirement of any adjustment.

Portrait Mode 

This is an amazing feature available with the latest smartphones. You can shoot studio-quality portraits using this feature. Professional photos with blurry backgrounds is no more a distant dream and it costs nothing, needs no prior training or additional equipment. You don’t need a DSLR camera even. All you need is to preset your camera to Portrait mode and see the magic. It uses the depth-effect software to keep your primary subject sharp and at the same time blurring the background.

Make sure that the subject for your shoot is at a distance of two to eight feet. The background blur effect won’t work if the object is too near or too far away. If you don’t like the blur effect you can change it to normal by clicking the edit button. You can bring back the option by tapping the portrait option again. Some latest smartphones are also coming with additional options where there is an option to adjust the strength of the background depth or the background blur. After editing your photo just tap DONE to save the option.

Burst Mode  

This amazing feature helps you capture those action moments or a moving object with perfect clarity and precision. Just point at your object and Tap on the shutter with burst mode on. The camera will click several images in a fraction of seconds and out of them you can choose your perfect shot and save it, you can discard the rest to free your memory space. The Burst mode option is a perfect selection if you want to shoot a sporting action, animal/bird movement, sea waves, waterfall, splash images, etc.

Your camera phone can have several more fascinating options to choose from. All you need is a good eye and that same passion for photography. Your smartphone camera is your perfect companion while you are on your vacation and you prefer to travel lite. What more can you expect than to carry your camera in your pocket and click outstanding pictures all by yourself without any professional help, maintaining your privacy and preferences, at any place, any time. Thanks to the technological progress of mankind. We have an opportunity to view our beautiful world in a new light.


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