Is online dating the next big virtual world of relationship

Is online dating the next big virtual world of relationship

Is online dating the next big virtual world of relationship 

“Dating” the word that brings in a smile on our face at all ages – mysterious yet the most nerve tickling word for teenagers. Dating in simple term is a soft romantic beginning of an opportunity where two individual meet with a sole purpose of understanding each other better and grow this feeling into a wonderful, intimate bond

The years of curiosity and freedom when our adolescent minds are free to explore, meet new people, and make more friends. As we age gradually to turn into young adults, the concept of dating slightly changes, where we often seek for special friends, or relationships or even look for a dependable partner for the long walk of life. As we grow older and wiser, the concept of dating is transformed along with our thought processes and actions. Hence it is a fact that “Dating” is a natural attribute of human nature where age is no bar. Cupid can strike anyone at any moment of your life. There is not set formulae to fall in love.

We all know much about love & relationships, about heartbreaks and re-unions, but what is Online Dating? When we talk about online dating, most of us have strict reservations and a strong sense of insecurity attached to it. Why not, Online dating is a step into a virtual world where you seek your love or just a special someone with whom you would like to spend some good time virtually, without meeting the person in reality. Well, a majority of the couples dating online would like to remain virtual and just have some good time chatting and indulge in harmless flirting. But there is a big chunk of people who are interested to take it a step further and would like to meet the person in reality. This is when matters become more serious or sensitive, where both parties should be vigilant and watchful.

As online dating sites are more infamous and known for its perils it brings along, rather than its bright side, human nature is far more adventurous and curious to be bound by any prenotion. Online dating sites are the most popular websites visited by our net-savvy generation. A study has shown that out of every three persons, at least one would be dating online is some site or the other. Below are some startling fact findings to back our discussion.

The fun world of Online dating has its share of Pros and cons. Several studies and behavior analyses have revealed that at least 48% of people date online just for fun, to have a good time and make new friends, while about 13% look for harmless flirting or indulge in sexual conversations. However, there is a decent chunk of about 20% who looks for a rather meaningful relationship and stay away from sleaze.

Further study has revealed that about 25% of the people active on Online dating websites have already revealed their true identity, which means that the real name of the person and they’re whereabouts, residential/office address are already revealed online. The other details might include personal or private photos too, which if shared online can be a cause of grave security risk and personal loss. It is a very common scenario in an online dating site that the users never reveal their true identity. As much as 57% of the users resort to false identity and lies. The web of lies and deceit includes false age, personal details, appearance, whereabouts, occupation, and even marital status.

Online dating sites and its users are involved in a kind of mind game with their counterparts and experience pleasure of living in a virtual world. They might be interacting with the other user in real-time over chat but in reality, both would be knowing at some point that in reality, things are much different than it appears online. Now as days it’s very common to use attractive self-images to make a striking impact on the onlookers, attractive photos include attractive physical attributes and smart outlook, which in turn might be completely the opposite in real terms.

In a remarkable fact-finding, we have learned that about 63% of the Online daters are very concerned about the safety of their electronic device, Laptop, or Mobile phone. Information technology & data theft being the biggest menace in the current world, there are thousands of hackers out there who use this kind of sites to steal user data and personal details. A big chunk of users is fearful that their devices might get infected by a virus attack. The common fear of people is not baseless as 55% of the online dates have faced some kind of threat or the other, related to spyware or malware or have received malicious emails containing threat messages and even blackmail messages demanding money. Despite the high-security issues, it is found that only 27% of the people use some kind of security software to safeguard themselves from harmful viruses and malware attacks, whereas 16% throw cautions in the wind as they see no risk.

As vicious as it sounds, the online dating business is booming ever since it was conceptualized in the USA around 2005. Since then our adventure into the virtual world has changed forever. It is a fact that human touch and interpersonal relationships can never be replaced by a virtual entity.

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