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Birthdays are simply special. Since you were born, your parents must have showered you with loads of love on that special day. Not to mention the number of gifts that you would have received from them. You might have grown older but the feelings would have remained the same. It’s just that they now probably symbolize how far you’ve come on life’s journey. And that’s all the more reason to celebrate your birthdays with your friends and family.

Similarly, when your loved ones celebrate their birthday, you can take part in them to express how much they mean to you. Celebrating birthdays means that you are celebrating the person as a whole and expressing your appreciation for them. As a token of your love and appreciation, you can always send birthday cakes to your near and dear ones to celebrate the special occasion.

Cakes are a must for birthdays!

There are no birthdays without cakes !  It’s like saying there are trees without leaves or oceans without water. So cakes are an absolute must for birthdays. Celebrations are typically meaningful and they become much more special if you send awonderful cake for the festivities. While many people bring a variety of unique gifts to a birthday party, the main focus always remains on the cake since it is considered to be one of the most significant parts of any celebration.

Cakes have long been associated with good fortune and new beginnings. Historically, a person celebrates his or her birthday by making a wish before cutting the cake. It is considered that the wish comes true if all the candles are extinguished in a single breath. Once the cake is cut, it is shared amongst all the guests attending the party. This ritual represents a sharing of joy and a sense of togetherness while people of all ages, including adults and children, enjoy the cake.

Order birthday cakes for your near and dear ones

The best part about cakes is you can send them to anyone like:

  • Wish your spouse or partner a very happy birthday with her favorite cake
  • Order a yummy cake for your parents or uncle or aunts to wish them birthday and good health
  • Send happy returns to your friend son their birthday with a cake
  • Surprise your colleague at office with a cake on his birthday

Cakes signify sweetness in a relationship!

Cakes signify sweetness and love. They create positive sensations in a person’s heart, which helps in the preservation of relationships. That’s why cakes with rich flavor can thoroughly please you. However, it doesn’t mean that you always have to gift such cakes. A cake that is baked properly with a wet, fluffy, and spongy vibe can be equally scrumptious. When a cake rises perfectly and equally with a smooth batter, it must taste delicious. Often, a cake with fewer components can act like an appetizer. So a cake is always considered a good gift and it is popular in almost every country.

Different flavors of cakes

You can celebrate birthdays with different-sized cakes and there are various types of flavored cakes that you can order. Some of the popular options are:

  • Butterscotch cake
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Strawberry cake
  • Black Forest cake
  • Cream Cake
  • Pineapple cake
  • Blueberry cake

At times, you can also mix and match by ordering different cake slices of various shapes and sizes.

Why do we order birthday cakes?

These are a few reasons why cakes are a popular choice as birthday gifts.

Celebrating the beginning: As we have already mentioned, life began with our birth. So celebrating the birthday with cake is commemorating and rejoicing a major occasion in our lives. It’s a way to say thank you for being alive.

Cause to pamper: The more you grow old the more you become responsible towards your family. It’s a universal truth. So pamper your special ones with exquisite and delicious birthday cakes. For that one day, you shouldn’t care how much the cake will cost you. Instead, you spend it all because it will make your loved one happy.

Making it meaningful: Each person has a special day that they want to celebrate with a cake. So send them a cake that they love the most. This gift will be a meaningful one as it will show how much you care for them.

Opportunity to connect with people close to you: You might have not found time to speak to your family and friends because of your busy schedule. Birthdays become aspecial occasion when you can bond with your people. There is nothing more precious than a wish that comes from the heart and you can always add that extra joy to someone’s life by sending them a tasty cake.

Time to refresh: Birthday celebrations aren’t about celebrating one’s birth but also aboutthe person’s rebirth. No matter how yesterday went or how last year was, you can always push the refresh button. So you can send a cakewith a special message that asks your loved ones to start afresh withnew expectations, new aspirations, and new zeal.

Creating memories: You willnever forget a tasty cake that your friend sent for you on yourbirthday. And it’s time to return the favor. Send cakes that willmake your near and dear ones smile. It will not only create a goodmemory for yourself and your loved ones that lasts a lifetime butalso make your bond stronger.

Making others happy: We oftenmake plans with our loved ones and friends. But then, those plansdon’t take off because of the tight schedules of our busy lives.However, one always takes time out to wish birthdays to theirfavorite person. This year, take advantage of this situation and sendyour loved ones a beautiful cake that will make them happy and bringa smile to their faces.


It’s not only cakes that you canorder for someone on their birthday. These days, you can opt for acombo of cakes and flowers or cakes, flowers, and teddy to wish yourloved ones a happy birthday. You can browse through the net andselect your favorite assortment to send to your friends and family.

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Technology and online businesses have truly made life much more convenient, as now you can order anything you need with just a few clicks on your smartphone, no matter where you are. Whether you're at work or out with friends, gone are the days when you had to waste time searching for stores close to your home so you could get flowers or gifts for special occasions. With the business world expanding to cover the entire World Wide Web, and shrinking at the same time to fit in your palm, you can now easily place an order to send flowers to Philippines online - without any hassle.

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