Helpful Neighbourhood Safety and Crime Prevention Tips

We often hear about neighbourhood crimes when we tune in to the radio or the evening news. However, while current public security measures are far more advanced and certain areas have seen decreases in crime records these last few years, it pays to be mindful and vigilant. Since the pandemic started, the overall crime rate has declined. Even so, Canberra investment property owners and residents should ramp up their neighbourhood’s safety as crime always has a way of appearing unannounced. The path towards a safer community requires more involvement in crime prevention. Previous case studies show how robbery incidents are less among neighbourhoods where residents work together to ward off crimes.

Moving elsewhere soon? Do you want to partake in your new neighbourhood’s safety activities? Here are some helpful tips for everyone’s peace of mind:

1. Initiate or join an existing program

If there’s an ongoing watch program in the community you’ve moved into, volunteer to join.  Keep up with regular activities that deter theft or unauthorised entries such as ensuring streets or properties are well-lit. When town watch and security signs are in place, criminals are unlikely to make an attempt. These town watch programs have successfully protected neighbourhoods, while areas without this type of community involvement are more susceptible to crimes.

2. Identify your neighbours

Having neighbours you can count on when your family is away on vacation or could not return home for a while is beneficial. Know the basics about your neighbours, and request for their contact information in case of emergency. If you’re new to the community, take the time to get to know them, so you can build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Once you have fully established yourself in the community, you can watch each other’s backs and ensure the safety of each other’s properties.

3. Implement a buddy system

Both kids and adults need to practice this safety strategy. Criminals are less likely to target two people, since it reduces their chances of succeeding in a crime. With the presence of a buddy, there’s another person who can look out for you. Wherever you go or whatever you do, your buddy can raise the alarm or call for help in case something happens. It’s also easier to resolve an emergency and get the other neighbours to act.

4. Invest in a CCTV system

Never hesitate to install security cameras in your property and share this information with your neighbours. This is a good move as it encourages others who have yet to see the merit of CCTVs and alarm systems. Your community will also develop a reputation for having advanced security systems, attracting safety-conscious residents and strengthening your numbers. Imagine living in a neighbourhood, where every home is equipped with a comprehensive security system. Criminals would surely think twice before invading properties.

5. Know your local police

You or your neighbours could invite local law enforcers during community events. The police usually take a detached stance. By increasing their involvement in your neighbourhood, you can build a good relationship with them and also effectively relay the community’s safety concerns.  Be aware of how they operate and the scope of their duties. Including them in your activities will spark a sense of community and put you in their radar at all times.

6. Install High-End Locks

As robbers and organised criminals become more cunning, you have to be a step ahead of them. Invest in smart electric doors with comprehensive anti-theft features including biometrics or passcodes. If you prefer not to leave any stone unturned, you can also add high-security manual locks made from fine quality materials such as Deadbolt, Cronus and Magnum Heavy Duty locks. Ask for expert advice if you are not sure which type of lock fits your home or provide you with the best security possible.

7. Ask a Friend or Family Member to Visit

Avoid leaving your home empty for several days. If you have unavoidable business trips or would like to bring your family out of the country for vacation, ask friends and relatives to check up on your house. Intruders are unlikely to make an attempt if they see there are signs of activity in your house. Regular visits from loved ones also give off the impression of a lively household, which helps you live on your own.

The Importance of a Safe Neighbourhood

The safer your community, the more protected and secure you feel about yourself and your family. You have less to worry about too. Crimes are detrimental to a community’s way of life. That is why, if you plan to buy a home in Canberra, be prepared to more involved. Moreover, be mindful of the aforementioned tips and never hesitate to partake in activities that create a safe space for everyone in your neighbourhood.

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