Salesforce Introduces A New App “Anywhere” Amid The Work From Home Era

Today, when the world is still healing from the effects of the pandemic, people have become accustomed to working from home due to weeks of lockdown. COVID-19 has given a new perspective to companies and their employees to adapt to a new working pattern. 70% of people believe the working patterns will be changed forever due to the pandemic, while 50% of them prefer flexible workplaces. An America cloud-based software firm, Salesforce, has designed a new app named “Salesforce Anywhere.” This app offers a facility that allows employees to work and collaborate from anywhere.

Michael Machado, Salesforce VP of product, says that even before COVID hit, they were planning to launch something similar. He said they thought how a mobile experience would make a massive difference in getting the job done and something that their employees needed.

But as the outbreak hit, they realized the importance of collaboration in surrounding digitalization.

And the app they were planning for was the need of an hour, looking at the current market. They saw how helpful it could prove to its customers and its employees, taking work experience on a whole new level.

According to Bret Tayor, Salesforce’s President and COO, the Corona crises have transformed the companies into thinking to offer services from anywhere, even after the pandemic.

What is the main idea behind the Salesforce Development?

The app by top app developers offers real-time alerts to its Salesforce users to get notified on their subscriptions about the checklist they use, or reports they work on, depending on a particular field.

Salesforce team can share the data across themselves, and discuss the data via chatbox. No doubt, there are other apps to chat too, but this app focuses on the Salesforce data.

The Salesforce consultants view this as another solution to eliminate the problems of working in CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

This app keeps the records safe and enables the critical information to the salesperson about their pipeline when necessary.

Let’s discuss in detail about the importance of this app.

Do anything possible from Anywhere with Customer 360:

Salesforce built Customer 360 to deliver the customers with the services, sales, marketing, commerce, and more, through the cloud. Regardless of the place or gadget, employees can create and deliver smart and personalized experiences, thus building lasting relationships. Innovation and consistency within the Salesforce company have enabled them to come up with Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Call Coaching, thus making it possible to manage customer relationships no matter where. Recently, Salesforce gains more industry knowledge through technology from Vlocity, allowing companies to take benefits of their field-specific app, APIs, workflows, and data models to enhance the customer experience.

Get notified and share information from Anywhere.

Plenty of work will smoothen once the Salesforce App Anywhere is launched in July for public beta through desktop and iOS App. The success of CRM depends on collaboration within the workforce at digital platforms. So what things will be available? Real-time chat, comments, notifications, and video conferencing will allow a unique working experience surrounding the standard CRM workflow.

Workers can turn on the notification alerts & get real-time information on any subject, whether it is accounts, data records, or something else. They can view these alerts on their desktop and phones. In case of any advancements in dealing, the information gets updated and then notified to the entire team right away.

The workforce can collaborate instantly on texts, videos, viewing the same page together within Salesforce. Powered by Amazon Chime, a real-time chat and video experience will be offered to the Salesforce team. This app allows Zoom integration to enable the teams to video chat as per their convenience. The users can view the teams working on the same page and go along with teams to another salesforce page, thus avoiding screen sharing. This allows the teams to move on from one sales project to another quickly.

Take a quick action by adding in-line comments to the part that requires a discussion. The Einstein allows you to get customized suggestions to upgrade the things rapidly.

Managing the app

It can be strenuous for the IT help desks to tackle a vast number of service requests, because of remote working. However, Salesforce manages to keep IT support intact without compromising employee productivity. The company declares an affiliation with Tanuim to offer management and security, thus providing a solution for its employees.

The Salesforce employee service solution offers:

Continual and painless support throughout every platform, together with AI-powered bots and mobile self-service sites.

To help IT support teams resolve issues quickly through proper integration.

Offering AI-powered efficient tools to enable workers full visibility, thus making proactive resolutions.

Improves decision- making

Organizations can unseal, comprehend and act on insights from their data, no matter where it is. Mulesoft and Tableau have made it convenient for the Salesforce employees to access and integrate the data from any point of origin, using API connectivity. The companies can picture and identify significant insights, for quick decision making from anywhere.

New Content and AI-Powered Learning Recommendations:

As learning and updating oneself in the field becomes more valuable, Salesforce offers its employees a free online learning platform via Trailhead. This platform allows the users to learn in-demand skills for the future.

AI-Powered Learning Recommendation provides a personal and smart learning experience as per one’s career goals. Customer 360 allows companies to understand the use of Customer 360 to achieve success through original blueprints and best practices.

New content releases help the companies know more in which areas to focus in the future like Go Digital Fast.


As the world heads towards digitalization, more and more companies like Salesforce are taking steps to make customers’ lives better and employees. Salesforce Anywhere app allows all your data to be in one place and workflow seamless. The data dwells in your CRM. The Salesforce platform provides customization and thus keeping customer data secure. Looking at this, more Data companies will try their best to come one step closer towards customer betterment and employee productivity through the medium of technology.

Written by Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies in usa and Top Software Companies.

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