Safe Solution for How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat

Summation – This blog targets to provide the solution for how to combine PDF files without the Acrobat application. If you are looking for the safest offline solution, this is your destination point.

“We have a small organization. Using and submitting merged PDF files is our work portal. Due to the “per seat” license, our boss doesn’t want to go for Adobe Acrobat Pro worth $14.99 per month.

I used online less desirable online alternatives but the security of data is a concerning measure for our team. Is there any solution that would be affordable within our budget for business?

Our larger department is asking us for it if there is a PDF merger/splitter software. I am ignorant of software as I don’t use it personally. Any suggestions for this issue… Thanks”

Is It Safe to Use Online PDF Merge Services?

Many users go for the freely available online services, without having second thoughts.

So, are there any security breaches while using the free online PDF merge solution?

The answer is Yes… Users don’t have an idea that their PDF data is being stored, copied, sold, or modified by the website owners because none of the activity is performed on the front end of the user.

1. PDFs are used for their security feature for official documentation, legal work, and other data that is needed to keep them safe and secure. For this specific purpose, PDF has provided Password protection, Watermarks, Digital Signature, etc.

But you can’t guarantee that online free merge sites won’t violate the security, especially when the user himself offers it to them.

2. Online services require a constant internet connection which means a large number of PDF files will cause time-consumption. It won’t work if the user has limited bandwidth and doesn’t possess all-time active internet connectivity. These unwanted difficulties can be avoided using the Safe Secure PDF merger which works in offline mode.

3.  User doesn’t have control over the conversion process which forces users to manually edit the end product which lacks the standards.

After merging if the user doesn’t get output accordingly then he has no other option other than going for other uncertain solutions. This will definitely create anxiety, frustration, and loss of time & energy.

Reasons for Combining PDF Files into One PDF File

Case 1.If a user wants to search for something from a large number of PDF files at a time, it gets difficult to manage all of the PDFs at the same time.

Searching and sorting becomes easy if all PDF merge into one PDF file

Here, PDF merger utility becomes necessary to handle multiple PDFs.

Case 2. Sharing several PDF files in a single PDF becomes hard for any organization, especially to handle invoices, customer information, and related data into a single PDF file.

Users can combine all PDFs into one massive PDF where all the information is saved.

These cases can be handled using the SysTools Merger solution.

Why Professional PDF Merge Solution a Worthy Option?

 Batch combining of PDF files

 Support merging PDFs according to Page Range

 Merge multiple PDF files into one new PDF file or to the existing one

 Maintain originality and formatting of PDF.

 Option to exclude OR keep the attachments in the output PDF

 No restrictions on the number of PDF files for merging

 Capable of merging known password-protected PDF documents.

 Compatible with Windows & Mac

 Operates on all versions of PDF documents

Simple Steps to Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat

Step 1. Launch the Split & Merge software and click on “Merge Option”.

Step 2. Click one of the options:

i) Add Files to add multiple PDF documents OR

ii) Add a Folder to add the complete folder containing several PDF files.

And click on the Next tab to continue.

Note: Skip Attachment option is provided to exclude attachments in the Output PDF files.

Combine PDF files without Acrobat

Step 3. It offers two methods to merge PDFs. Choose any PDF Merge option accordingly.

• Split Merged PDF by Size and

• Merge PDF By Page Range

Step 4.  The user has two methods to get the resultant files.

Method 1.  Create a New PDF to create a new PDF file (merged file) in your system.

Method 2. Merge with Existing PDF to combine PDF files with an existing PDF file.

Step 5. Choose any one of them and click on the Browse tab and choose the PDF to merge.

Then simply click on the Merge tab to begin the merging process.

Upon completion of the merge process, a confirmation message can be seen be on your screen.

Conclusion Drawn

Understanding the user’s struggle to learn how to combine PDF files without Acrobat, we brought a promising and safe solution to it.Buying Acrobat only for merging and splitting PDFs isn’t worth the move. Concerning the value of PDF data and instant results, users should consider the safest methods instead of free internet merge services that cause harm instead of saving a few bucks.

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