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Android app

Android app is a software used to run devices which have android operating services. Any device like mobile phone, tablets, televisions, etc. needs android apps. The android apps are developed with different types of languages. The languages used to build any android app is like C++, Java. Java is the most popular language used for android app development which was launched in 2008, even though it has few errors and limitations. A new language was also launched, Kotlin. It was launched in 2017. It is also a quite popular language and can be used instead of Java. It is known as a better version of Java.

Android app development requires Software Development kit (SDK) which has all the necessary development tools. Software development kit prevents debugging and emulators. It is basically a complete package to create any safe android app development. It is used to develop for specific platforms. Combination of hardware and operating system decides the kind of tools and programs require to in a package to create a software development kit.

Google is the biggest android app development company. Google has its own play store where it different android apps. There other android app development service providers like Apple, Brainvire, Hire, etc.

Android app development services have lot of secrets, like any other services. These secrets make any android app development company a successful company. Revealing few secrets are which can be useful to become a successful android app development company like –

1. SDK – one must know what kind of tool is required to set up android applications. Knowledge about hardware, library and OS is very important before setting up any tool. There should be atleast 300MB free space. This free space is required to avoid any delays in setting up of applications. Once Software development kit is downloaded and installed properly, then the android app development company can save the file at a safe location in the system. Next step is to to choose from the available Android versions suitable for their app development. They can also choose extra tools available on SDK manager.

2. IDE – IDE stands for integrated development environment. It provides interface facilities to computer for app development. It helps in editing code languages and building automation. IDE helps in writing programming languages. It makes coding easy for programmers. It increases efficiency by collaborating different programmers. A visual representation of applications is always better to understand and use it. Android studio, Eclipse or IntelliJ are some of the examples of integrated development environment in the market.

3. Great design – A good designed product always attract customers. It shows how much effort has been taken in designing of the product. Design should be creative and not boring, which generally happens as developers just copy designs available on SDK manager. Creating new logo and design is very important as copying general designs can result in duplicate design which will only create confusion for end users.

4. User friendly app – Android app development company should remember that who is their target audience while developing any app. This helps in developing the app according to customer demand. Before launching any app, company should check whether the app is required in the market or not. To make it a successful app among the users, audience interests and need should be kept in mind. Proper market research should be conducted to decide kind of applications will work in the market. This also helps to decide on features and tool depending on market trends. The trends keep on changing, so the developers should be aware of the latest trends before launch. Successful rate should be considered for all the countries and then develop app.

5. Testing Application – Applications is working properly or not should be checked before the launch. All the required tests should be run again and again. Developers do Alpha test and Beta test to check whether test is working smoothly or not. Test should be run according to the Android guidelines. Both the test should be run till the time android app development services are not completely developed and ready to use without any obstacles.

Alpha test is done to detect bugs, if any in the applications. Sometimes few bugs are not detected in earlier test, that’s the reason Alpha testing is done by the company to detect and remove all the bugs. This test is important for proper functioning of any app. If required optimisation tips are also provided for the software.

Once Alpha test is successful, then another test is run which is called Beta test. Beat testing is done by sampling testing. This means number of users are asked to try the product. Then the report is made based on their feedback. The reports consists speed of the application, failures, quality of the product. This helps to make the software more user-friendly. Beta testing is important as it helps to make any required changes before successful launch.

Right team of developers is essential for any good app to work. Proper knowledge about the all the programs and tools will lead to development of applications with less faults. All the stages should be taken seriously and performed.

It is always to have an alternative application ready with different set of tools. So that both the apps can be tested simultaneously. Android app development company can decide to launch app based on their performance and reviews.

Android app development services should take care of all the different stages for developing a good app. Right from the 1st stage which is to explore the right product as per the latest trends. Secondly, planning properly all the phases of the android app development, costing, launch date, deadline, marketing strategy, testing. Next step will be designing the app. Cool and quirky design will interest more and more users. After reviewing and testing app completely by fixing all the bugs and errors, android app development company should be set to release the app on the decided launch date. Launch of the product should be done properly by proper marketing strategies. Proper communication should be sent to all the marketing channels. Since, marketing is for applications then it should be done only online platforms like Instagram, Facebook. Online Invitations for launch can be sent to the users.

Secrets to be a successful android app development company are revealed. They are simple to follow. Adhering to these guidelines will increase chances of an app to perform in the market. Android is ruling the market as there are more android devices and users in the market than Apple OS. It is more accessible to customer. It’s a cost effective and user friendly option for the users. Increase in number of customers leads to more sales and creating brand value and image. Android apps and devices are available at very affordable rates which is only increasing loyalty of its customers. Company should make sure that development team should be hired from a good development agency. Experienced developers who are open to new ideas and feedback. They should be open to work on different versions of the app and amend changes accordingly. This will help them to develop an app which is liked and used by all the users. The app should be updated regularly else soon it will be replaced by any other app. We are living in a world full of technology and every day an app is launched in the market. So, Android app development company should be on their toes always and keep updating their apps and launch new ones too.

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