Preparing for Motherhood


Having a baby is a life-changing moment for you and your family. You will notice that your priorities are shifting, and all your wants are connected to the baby. Your values and expectations change almost dramatically. Always remember that these are extremely normal experiences, and every expecting mother goes through a wide range of emotions from joy to fear. It is hard to feel just joy at all times, so here are a few tips for you to remember as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan! :  Get yourself an empty notebook and start penning down everything you’re feeling. It will help you organize your thoughts so you can look back and reflect on your journey later on. The sense of uncertainty about lack of information and experience can cause anxiety and stress. So prepare a checklist of everything you want to organize and slowly accomplish everything, so you feel prepared. Plan your budget well to avoid debts later, save up before the baby arrives. Plan your maternity leave and sort it out with your employer on the working conditions when you return to work. Research on sustainable ways to raise your child and buy organic baby clothes and toys for your baby. Shopping for those adorable organic baby hoodies and kimono sets will make you feel light when you are stressed. Don’t forget to be flexible with your plan; there will always be additional responsibilities that come as a surprise.
  2. Relax: Sometimes you have to take life as it comes, don’t worry, and just enjoy the process. Nothing you do is going to be sufficient preparation. Nurture yourself throughout your pregnancy journey, go on long walks, ask your partner to give you a foot massage, practice meditation. Involve yourself in social groups and read more. Reserve yourself plenty of sleep and strength to cope with the first few weeks after you give birth. You just have to stay committed and learn to love being a parent for everything to fall into place. Parenting is all about learning and figuring it out one day at a time.
  3. Communicate with your partner: The changes in your body and mind can cause unnecessary stress as you try to balance it. To communicate with your partner efficiently to avoid any misunderstanding. If you require additional help, voice it out and don’t push yourself too much. Spend a lot of time together, have honest conversations with your partner, voice any concerns or fears you might have, and lean on each other for support. Discuss how you want to parent and handle the stress openly to help you prepare for your role as parents.
  4. Support circle: It is very natural to focus on your baby’s well being and forget about everything else in life. But make it a point to check up on your friends and family once in a while, lean on them for advice and support. Having a support circle helps you feel light and normal. Normality is something you will crave for once you give birth. Invite them over and get take-out or have a movie night; it’s going to keep you going in the long run. Visit prenatal fitness classes and develop bonds with other expecting mothers, it will make you feel less alone in your journey, and you will always have someone to talk to about your journey. If you are unsure and anxious, there are many preparation classes for expecting mothers, so sign up and learn.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey of motherhood; it is a life-changing experience. Hopefully this article helped tackle some of those fears you may have.



Written by Lana Murpy

I am Lana Murpy, a post-graduate in humanities and communications, and an inquisitive person who loves writing. My forte is digital marketing and everything that has to do with phones and screens. I’m working for Tiny Twig . I am someone who believes that one person can make a change and that's precisely why I took up writing which is the best tool to communicate these days. I have a decade of experience in writing and marketing.

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