Commercial Doors For Business: Which Should You Invest In?

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Irrespective of the type of business you engage in, safety and security should always be the priority. Note that safety and security apply to both your employees and company assets. It doesn’t matter whether your business is located in a theft-prone area or a safe location; you should always take measures to ensure high safety levels.

The first step to ensuring the safety of your business is installing a commercial door. Compared with residential doors, commercial doors offer higher levels of safety, security, and durability. An excellent commercial door not only ensures the safety of your business but also creates a positive reputation and a good name for your business.

However, not just any commercial door is worth investing in. The type of door that you need will depend on the activities and operations carried out in your business. For instance, factories and warehouses require more robust and high-speed commercial doors. On the other hand, companies such as healthcare facilities, retail, and schools need commercial doors with attractive aesthetics.

So, with all the different types of commercial doors sold in the market, which one would be most suitable for your business? This article discusses five different types of commercial soundproof doors that are worth investing in:

1.) Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are some of the best commercial doors for business. These soundproof doors are usually designed such that they open vertically. Therefore, they maximize space, such that you can place more products closer to the door and take advantage of the extra space.

In addition to maximizing space, roller garage doors increase the efficiency of your business. For instance, these soundproof doors make it possible to pack vans or courier lorries closer to the door, such that products are loaded and unloaded off the vehicle in a much more seamless manner.

Roller garage doors are easy to use. They are usually built using robust and high-quality steel slats, which guarantee the soundproof doors’ durability. These commercial doors also have an HP200 plastic finishing, which enhances their elegant appearance.

2.) Up and Over Garage Doors

If your business is on a tight budget, then the Up and Over garage door would be your ideal commercial door. This soundproof door is one of the most widely used commercial doors. It features a one-piece panel construction, making it easy to use, durable, and very secure.

Up and Over garage doors can be constructed from fibreglass, PVC, galvanized steel, or timber materials. All these are highly durable materials. Hence, if you invest in either of these Up and Over garage doors, you can be assured that they will last for a very long time.

Those doors constructed using galvanized steel have a protective zinc coating, usually placed over the steel material. The zinc coating functions to prevent rusting and corrosion of the soundproof door. Therefore, if your business is located in a moist environment, you would do well to get an Up and Over garage door constructed using galvanized steel.

3.) Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are quite similar to Roller garage doors in that they both have a beautiful industrial appearance. Their elegant commercial appearance is what makes them ideal for businesses.

The design of sectional soundproof doors features several separate sections. When the door is lifted, it folds very neatly and compactly sits beneath the ceiling. Therefore, rather than the sectional door going into a compartment, it smoothly rolls back into the garage.

The smooth operation of sectional doors makes them suitable for those businesses that require moving quickly. An excellent example of such companies is that which deals with regular loading and unloading of products from vehicles.

Also, since sectional doors have a seamless, flat appearance, they are ideal for customer-facing businesses. These soundproof doors can withstand pressure and a large volume of usage. Therefore, they are also suitable for companies that have high workloads.

4.) Side-hinged Doors

Side-hinged doors are most recommended for those office spaces that are regularly accessed by foot. The manner of operation of these soundproof doors is similar to that of standard doors; they can both be opened manually.

Also, side hinged doors can be made more secure by fitting them with locks and bolts. They are usually constructed from highly durable materials, such as steel and fibreglass.

5.) High-speed Doors

Like their name suggests, high-speed commercial doors open and close very quickly. Therefore, if yours is the sort of business that calls for advanced security measures, then these are the ideal soundproof doors to invest in. Not only do these doors prevent employees from accessing private zones, but they also prevent the public from trespassing the premises.

High-speed doors are also usually insulated. They prevent temperatures from escaping, which makes them ideal for businesses that deal with cold storage. These doors function to reduce noise pollution and keep out the foliage in the warehouses and industries.


Are you looking to increase the security level of your business premises? Well, all you need to do is invest in one of those mentioned above commercial doors, and you will get more than just a standard commercial door.

These durable soundproof doors are designed to increase your business’s safety, give it an elegant appearance, and run your operations much more smoothly. In other words, by investing in one of these commercial doors, you will be purchasing an all-in-one kind of door!

Written by Vatsala Panwar

Vatsala is a passionate writer, and SEO executive at Chetaru-International Digital Marketing Agency. Beyond search engines, she is best at expressing her thoughts and informative stuff in articles. She is always keen to learn and apply new things in her professional and personal life.


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