Outlook Slowness Issue: Know the Reason and Solution

User Query: Hey! I’ve been using the Microsoft Outlook application for more than five years. Recently, I have experienced that the performance of my Outlook is gradually getting slow. Moreover, with this Outlook Slowness Issue, I’m unable to receive and send emails quickly. Hence, it’s significantly ruining my productivity and frustrates me. So, please suggest me some quick reasons to resolve my issue. Thank you!

Microsoft Outlook is a renowned desktop-based email client and offers ease to professionals for maintaining their emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and so on at once. Since it’s among the most useful applications for building networks and communication with like-minded businesses along with agile workflow within the organization. Therefore, one can easily rely on the services or unique features of Outlook. Despite the numerous advantages of this application, some issues can hamper your work constantly.

At the beginning of this article, we talked about one query related Outlook slowness issue can create hurdles for you. Significantly, the delay in receiving emails is incorporated with the bad performance of the Microsoft Outlook application. However, many problems arise with this issue. In this article, we will briefly talk about the reason behind the slow performance of Outlook and a one-stop solution to enhance the efficiency of your application.

Outlook Slow to Receive Emails: Here’s the Reason (All Versions of Outlook)

There isn’t a single reason behind the bad performance of the MS Outlook application. Moreover, there are many problems that gradually impact your Outlook. With these constant issues, you might experience a delay in sending and receiving your email and managing your mailbox. Most importantly, you’re not alone who is facing Outlook slowness issue and it can happen to any user. So, there is no need to worry. In the below section, we are uncovering some reasons, you should keep in mind once you face a bad performance continuously.

  • PST File Corruption:- It is no surprise that PST files get corrupted due to their large file size. Since Outlook offers a storage limit that varies from one to another version. Therefore, it is necessary for the users to not cross the limit for the better performance of their application.
  • Large PST and OST File:- You might understand that large-sized files can gradually impact the smooth running of your application. Also, it can corrupt and make your crucial data inaccessible once you jump over the provided limit of Microsoft Outlook. Most importantly, it can result in Outlook slow to receive emails therefore, it is necessary for users to fix these issues quickly.
  • Outdated Version:- There are high possibilities that due to the outdated version of MS Outlook. You might be unable to use the application flawlessly and effectively. Therefore, you need to check the latest updates along with upgrading your application for better running in the future.
  • Using Add-ins:-  If you’ve been using the add-ins offered by the Outlook application then, with the passing time, it can affect the smooth running of your MS Outlook. Therefore, it is important for the users to learn all the features provided by those add-ins. With this, you can fix your Outlook slowness issue easily.
  • Malware Issue:- Besides all the above problems, another issue occurs with the malware and virus issue in Outlook. Moreover, you need to examine the malware and quickly fix it so that you can secure your application from any hindrance.
  • Poor Connectivity:- There are instances that you might ignore the bad internet network which is also a frequent reason behind Outlook slow to receive emails. Therefore, before delving into the above-mentioned problems first, check your internet connection and fix the bad network problem. Hence, you need to keep all these reasons in mind whenever you’re facing sluggish performance.

Now, we have discussed all the most significant root issues incorporated with the slow running of the application. With this, you might be searching for the best go-to method to fix this issue quickly. Therefore, in the next section, we will focus on the professionals’ suggested ways to solve the problem.

Outlook Slowness Issue: Fix the Problem Using the Best Method

You perhaps understand the Microsoft Outlook performance reasons. Since PST is one of the most prominent file formats of Outlook, therefore, you need to fix the issues related to the .pst file. After reading the aforementioned reasons, you might be aware of the PST file corruption and oversized .pst files which directly impact on Outlook application. Moreover, the outcome of this problem consists of Outlook slow to load emails.

With this, you can improve the performance of your application best PST splitter tool free download; it is one of the go-to choices among business professionals and individuals to resolve issues quickly and flawlessly. Most importantly the reason behind using this software consists of dividing the large-sized .pst file into smaller parts. As a result, you can secure your application from any kind of risk and oversizing problems.

Moreover, the uniqueness of this above-mentioned software is easy to use and run on your computer to secure yourself from Outlook slowness issue. Besides this, you can easily reduce the size of your mailbox including emails, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, and more in a few steps. Most importantly, this tool is capable of splitting the corrupted and inaccessible PST without the installation of the Outlook application. Now, let’s quickly learn the steps to download this application.

Outlook Slow to Receive Emails: Get Expert Suggested Solution

Step1. Download the aforementioned software and start it on your computer.

Step2. In the present window, using the Add Files option attach your large-sized PST file. Also, this tool provides the advantage of adding a folder and even searching a file using the Add Folders or Search Files options.

Step3. After using the Add Files option, in the next pop-up window, select the file and then, move the cursor to the Open button.

Step4. Now, you can see the file in the present window. With this, you need to select the Browse option available in the footer section to select the path of your resultant file. And, after choosing the destination, press Next.

Step5. In the next window, the software provides the privilege to split the file into six options-Split by Size, Split by Date, Split by Year, Split by Folder, Split by Email ID, and Split by Category. For the same, click on Select Split Option.

Step6. For now, we’ve been using Split by Size for the example and you can choose at your convenience. With these steps, you can Outlook slowness issue without the Outlook environment. After selecting this option, click on Split PST File Size and break the file size into MB, GB, and TB. And, select Next.

Step7. After performing the following steps, the tool provides an overview related to the PST file break in the Summary section. Now, hit the Next button to begin the procedure.

Step8. With these few steps, you can start the process in no time. Moreover, this tool provides an advantage for users to hold the procedure using the Stop button.

Step9. After completion, it displays a message- The PST files have been Split successfully. With this, you can press OK for approval. Then, check the file in your chosen destination.

(Pro Tip:- Using the above-mentioned tool, you can easily fix Outlook slow to load emails in no time. Most importantly, the benefits of using this software consist of no complexities and an excellent user-friendly experience. Moreover, it is convenient to set up in any Windows operating system and all versions of Outlook. Besides this, users are independent to split their archive and even active .pst files as well.)


In this following article, we have broadly discussed the reason behind Outlook slowness issue. With this, we get the overview that these root problems are incorporated with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, users need to fix these problems to abstain from the sluggish performance of the Outlook application. For the same, we have unfolded the best go-to methods to improve the running performance of your application. Interestingly, there are manual methods as well but professionals don’t rely on them as those solutions can further impact your application. So, use the aforementioned software for free and easily fix the slow performance issue.

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