Mutual Fund Return Calculator: How To Use It To Check Your Investment

An online tool known as a mutual fund return calculator aids investors in calculating their returns and the future value of an investment. A mutual fund calculator in India can assist investors in understanding how quickly they will be able to reach their goals. The amount, duration, and rate of return of the investment are all relevant factors. For their investments, mutual fund investors should ideally adopt a goal-oriented strategy. Your investment amount, time horizon, and rate of return are the only three parameters required by the mutual fund return calculator. It makes things easier for you. Whether you want to go for a monthly SIP or lump payment also determines the final return amount.

Between 2016 and 2021, the mutual fund industry in India more than doubled in size. It’s becoming increasingly common for the country to access a comprehensive portfolio created by an expert. Mutual funds even help consumers retain consistency and discipline in their investing through SIP. Investors are expressly warned by mutual funds that ‘Past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns.’ Therefore, investors should concentrate on the potential future performance of the fund. In this case, a mutual fund return calculator can be helpful.

How can the mutual fund calculator be useful?

You can utilise a mutual fund calculator to determine a certain variable’s result on your overall gains and investment value. Think about investing with the intention of buying a house. You enter the information and learn that your investment value is slightly less than the cost of the home you wish to purchase. To understand how your investment strategy might be altered to help you achieve your objective, you can change any one of the three components.

Consider your audio system to be a mutual fund return calculator. The investment amount, return rate, and time period are comparable to the bass and treble knobs on an audio system. You use them to improve the audio equipment’s output. A mutual fund calculator lets you alter the three components that make it up similarly. This can assist you in determining the investment mix, rate of return, and holding period that will best help you achieve your goals.

You can compute mutual fund returns for both SIP and lump sum choices using the mutual fund returns calculator to contrast them. For instance, investing Rs. 5 lakh in a single payment versus investing the same money over three years can yield two very different returns. Manually calculating mutual fund returns can take a while, but using a calculator frequently results in quick outcomes.

How to use the mutual fund return calculator?

Mutual fund return computation is simple thanks to the two-step mutual fund calculator provided by trustworthy financial institutions. Other online mutual fund calculators present you with several questions when you use them. This might be extremely overwhelming for new investors who are attempting to use any other Mutual fund returns calculator in India. Because of this, trustworthy NBFCs’ calculators feature a simple design that enables investors to calculate mutual fund returns in just two simple steps.

Step 1- Select a lump sum or SIP computation.

Step 2- Enter your desired investment amount, the number of years you plan to hold the investment, and your investing strategy.

You can avoid estimating a rate of return by selecting an investment strategy on the calculator. This is because the algorithm bases its calculation on the plan’s risk profile. For instance, aggressive strategies often produce higher returns than conservative ones while carrying higher risks. Additionally, you can select Custom from the drop-down option and enter a unique rate.

You will now see a bar chart with many time frames showing the progress of your investment. You may see a summary of your total investment, total profits, and expected future worth of your investment on the right.

The bottom chart and the overview will change automatically as you keep altering any variable in the MF return calculator. Depending on your investment strategy, you may also see some of the best mutual funds to the right of the calculator. Some of the best funds include Shriram Balanced Advantage Fund, Shriram Flexi Cap Fund, etc. Click on ‘Invest Now’ to invest in mutual funds instantly, either a SIP or a lump payment, if any of those funds catch your attention.

You can view the MF calculator using a computer or a mobile device. You may easily plan your investments with the MF calculator from the convenience of your home or while traveling.

Written by Shivam singh

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