11 Ways to Turn Strangers into Friends

Having friends in your life has become a necessity nowadays. And if these friends become your family, you’ll enjoy every minute of your life. Friends are always an essential part of our lives. They are the only people who are close to your heart and will have a forever place inside it!

I’m sure you all must have such friends! The fun and blast are irreplaceable! Guys keep such friends, be with them, stand for them whatever the situation is! And if you are seeking more friends then let’s get started!! Here are 11 ways to turn strangers into friends.

  1. Say Hello

When you come across any stranger, don’t hesitate to wave or shake your hand and smile! Say hi or hello to them. This will always display your positive and selfless attitude towards the stranger. This act of yours will impress the stranger, and he/she would want to become friends with you!

Can’t say right now!!

  • Give Compliments

You all must be well known about human instincts, and these instincts are already present in us, we don’t practice them! So, one of them is listening to compliments. We like to hear compliments.

So, next time when you are trying to be friends with someone, make sure that you give them sweet compliments.

  • Be ready to listen.

Listening is life savior do you know that?? Hahaha. When you have no words left, or you have nothing to say always, insist them to speak more. And listen to what they speak! Listen to the details; don’t ignore or hear it! But note each and everything. You know in case you got caught it would be challenging to get that friend!! Here you can chat with a stranger randomly.

Listening is a skill that one should have. It strengthens our patience.

  • Keep a positive attitude.

If you feel a vibe that the other person isn’t interested that much in you, don’t give up suddenly! Have a positive attitude to whatever the situation is.

Things will turn one day when you will keep pursuing your friend, and he/she will understand your efforts.

  • Ask them questions

When you ask questions to the person, it feels great to answer, thus creating a sense of affinity.

By doing this, understanding them will be easy for you!

Questions will bring up the unexplored subjects, and you both will enjoy the new things.

Try to ask more questions.

  • Make them laugh

I feel that making somebody laugh is an art! If you can do that, then you’re the most loving human being. People you know and whom you make laugh must love you the most!

Laughing spreads positivity all around you and within you!

  • Tolerate rejection

If the person or your friend says NO for something or rejects anything you present, be calm!

Don’t need to get hyper for a simple rejection. I’m sure you will find a way!

Sudden reaction to rejection may spoil what efforts you’ve put into it till now!

Be calm and relaxed; handle the situation like you’re mature enough. Act as you don’t care about the rejection. It’s alright!

  • Play games for better rapport

Suppose you feel that even when you talk a lot, but the connection is missing somewhere! So, come online or offline and play games. This builds friendship, and it builds rapport, you understand each other more!

This is how it grows!!

  • Understanding

Understand each other. It is possible that one of you isn’t in the mood to talk or answer any question of yours. Understand their spirit and let it go. Besides, all of this you can always pamper them to improve their mood and then try to talk, that’s the matter!!

  • Start a topic and discuss

Sometimes the situation might occur that both of you keep mum. Nobody speaks. So, could you give it a go and start the conversation? Start talking something, and he/she will automatically join you.

  • Explore

Explore new things together. Now you must be thinking about how this will affect the friendship? See, there is a simple answer to this! When you explore together, you create memories. You both learn something new you will cherish those memories later.

So, always go and explore new things with your friends. You can also go for an outing or hang out in a new cafe!

So, here is the list of things that will help you in making someone a friend. Follow these and bam!! You got a new friend.

Written by John Smith

John Smith can usually be found binging on indie series on Netflix. When not absorbed in the latest gut-wrenching thriller, John loves dancing, cooks very badly, enjoys strolling around the city, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. He lives in the USA, with her brother and adorable puppy, Fudge.


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