How to Unify Your Custom Home with an Open Floor Plan?

Have you been planning to build a family home for long? Is an open floor layout in your mind?  Open layouts have emerged as one of the dominating trends in custom home building since the last decade. You probably have already explored the spacious feeling of open floors without compromising the overall size of the house.

Although people are crazy about open layouts when building homes, segmenting different spaces can be one of the biggest challenges. Why don’t you speak to custom home builders in Salmon Arm to prevent the living room, bedrooms, laundry, bathrooms, and kitchen from becoming camouflaged in the open floor plan?  That way, you will get the best recommendations from experts and get the most out of your investments when constructing your dream house.

Here is how you can bring your custom home together with an open floor plan:

  • Calculate the Square Footage

One of the basic aspects of designing an open floor plan is maximising the square footage. All you need to keep in mind is that you need to utilise the entire space realistically to make them more usable. Thanks to the flexibility of home builders in Salmon Arm that allows you to design open-concept homes in your preferred locations effortlessly.

  • Scale the Spaces

When creating open floor designs, you cannot let one area dominate the other. For instance, you cannot have a large laundry or a kitchen to empower the rest of the home. If you design a couple of large spaces and make the rest of the area smaller, it would lead to an imbalance. Besides, the measurement of the areas needs to take place depending on your lifestyle. That is why you need to devote ample time when designing the spaces. For instance, if you entertain guests in your house often, you will need a large space for entertainment.

  • Defining the Zones 

When designing an open floor in your custom home, you need to keep the zones in mind. Use rugs or furniture to separate different areas in the house or demolish a wall to unify the dining area and the kitchen. You may place a wine caller and have a small bar counter with high chairs in one corner of the kitchen. Therefore, you need to aim for zones inside your home to define each area clearly.

  • Avoid Creating Dead Spaces 

A custom home with an open floor concept needs to have a unique flow to avoid the creation of dead spaces. You must have noticed dead corners and floors in open layouts that occur due to a lack of planning. If you are trying to consolidate the entire home, there should be a flow when placing the furniture, or maybe when you are trying to segment different areas and rooms. If you want to get the best suggestions about open floor designs, connect with Hindbo Construction Group to build custom homes where experts attend to the smallest details.

  • Family Living 

Is family living one of the priorities of your custom home? If you have kids, an open layout needs to be created to suit you for their upbringing as well as for the kids who need attention from their parents all the time. Apart from this, you must plan a big dining area for sit-down dinners and lunches that truly define the scope of the open-concept house.

  • Making Movement Easy 

You must abstain from designing an open-concept home where movement is tough. The essence of an open-layout home is a free and easy movement for the entire family. Make sure that the house does not have walls in places where open space is a more anticipated option. If you have a big family and aim to design a family home, there should be plenty of free moving spaces to aid the living. Talk to construction companies in BC to know how to add flexibility to the movement.

  • Availability of Light 

Are you planning to build lakeview homes in Shuswap?  To get stunning views of the water body, you need to confirm the availability of light. Besides, it will help you make the rooms look bigger even though the square footage of your house is less than what needs to make a house look big.

What is the essence of a custom home with open concept design? A lot depends on your requirements and the lifestyle you pursue. But the basic concept should be a house where there are fewer walls and bigger windows with lots of light. You need to open up the entire space inside the house to make it appropriate for your living and lets you enjoy a connected space.

Written by Scott Finley

I am Scott Finley working for a custom home building company that is also into renovation projects and a blogger penning blog articles on residential and custom homes. Read my posts to rev up your knowledge about custom homes and enjoy the flexibility of creating your designs and floor plans.

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