How To Merge Two Google Business Accounts – In Easy Way

Many different scenarios could trouble G Suite users in their day to day life. One of the most common is the Merging of two Google Account. Most of G Suite user who has duplicate Business account looks for a way to merge them for ease and some other reasons also. So, they search for the method to know how to combine two Google Business Accounts? Google Yet not provide any purpose, but we have founded a simple and easy process to help you. If you are, G Suite user looks for an easy way to merge G Suite account then this blog is for you. We have explained every they that a Google Apps user must know about combining process.

What type of Users looks for Way to Combine Google Business Accounts?

  • Change in G Suite Domain – The most common scenarios for joining Google Apps account is because of change in organization domain.
  • Storage Space Issue – Another reason is due to the restriction of storage space in Google accounts. When the account storage is full, it’s impossible to get new emails.
  • When users have wanted to combine multiple Google accounts belongs to them
  • The old domain is to expire soon.
  • Students – Those students who’re educational account is G Suite. If they are going to leave institute soon, then they need to combine their Google Apps account to backup data in a personal statement.

We have some queries we found on forum sites which may also help you:

“Hello I am a Manager of my company, Our organization is merging with another firm, and we have to transfer their user’s email account from their G Suite account to our G Suite account domain. I have created each user account in our domain. Now, I need to transfer data between accounts. If there is any way to then plz tell me how to merge two Google Business accounts for multiple users simultaneously? Thanks for the Help :)”

Best Method to Combine Multiple Google Accounts At Once

The most simple and stress-free method to combine Google email accounts is by using an automated tool. It helps you to merge each user account data of different account/domain. Using it, you can combine Google business accounts emails, contacts, calendars, Google Drive data into one account. On top of that, it also allows you to perform this operation on different domain accounts. First try the Demo tool, which will enable you to merge complete account data for two users for free.

Advantage of Using G Suite Merge Tool

  • Merge multiple Google apps accounts at once
  • Merge Google business account’s email, contacts, calendars, documents
  • Incremental merge option to merge new email on combining again.
  • Delta Migration option to automatically merge new emails
  • Simple to use and user-friendly Interface
  • Allow merging two different domain accounts
  • Monitor joining process from the Interface

Important Features of Automated Tool

  • Customize your merge using Category Option
  • Maintains data integrity while combining G Suite accounts
  • Selective Migration of data from Google Apps accounts
  • Source and Destination ID Mapping Option
  • Detailed Report after merging
  • List & Tile view of combining process

Steps to Merge two Google Business Accounts

Step 1: Download and Install G Suite Merge Tool

Step 2: Enter source G Suite account credentials

Step 3: Enter destination account credentials

Step 4: Select the Category of file for merging

Step 5: Perform Destination Mailbox mapping >> Click Ok

Step 6: Select user account to be combined

Step 7: Click on the Start button to merge Google business accounts

Note: To transfer Google Apps to Another Domain Read this


This is the blog for G Suite(Google Apps) users to know how to merge two Google Business account. We have explained the most reliable method available for joining. There is no other method for combining multiple G Suite account. We have carefully tested the tool, and it is safe to use. Moreover, this tool will not save any user account data. So for successful merging use powerful yet simple tool for merging.

Written by Robert Allardice

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