How to become an investment advisor in India?

If you want to become an investment advisor, first you should register yourself with invest SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Before SEBI rules anyone can start their career as an investment advisor, but these are creating conflicts of interest. That is why regulations are made so that Investment advisor can receive their fee from the person they give advice only and to protect the interests of investors.

So, if you are interested in becoming an investment advisor in India, it is good to know all the requirements and eligibility criteria for applying.

What is an investment advisor?

The investment advisor is a stockbroker. They are group or individuals or a person that gives investment advice to the clients or investors by analyzing the latest performance of securities in return of wages. Investment advisors are also referred to as Financial advisor. They work by managing the assets of clients or through publications. 

Every nation’s government has its specific definition to define investment advisor and different laws to govern them. In India to become a professional investment advisor, you must qualify examinations such as NISM and CFA, and get registered with SEBI.

An investment advisor with adequate assets to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is known as a registered investment advisor (RIA).

Who can apply for RIA(Registered Investment Advisor)?

To register as RIA any corporate body or firm or an individual can apply to SEBI. For this, you need to register yourself in SEBI portal and pay the registration fees.

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Can you work without registering with SEBI?

The government has state that no person can claim to be an investment advisor if they are not registered with SEBI. This concluded that registration with SEBI is mandatory to become a certified investment advisor.

 Essential Qualifications to become an Investment advisor

To become an investment advisor you need to have a graduate degree from an accredited educational university in any discipline or must have a post-graduate degree or diploma in banking, business management, commerce, economics, finance or insurance.

If you are having only a bachelor’s degree then you must have at least five years of experience in providing financial advice about the assets or funds.

Certifications and Designations

An investment advisor can increase their credibility by getting c certifications. The most popular among them is CPF (certified financial planner), for this, you need to clear this exam proposed by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

Other than this you need to have certification in portfolio management or investment advisory services or financial planning, provided by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). It includes two series

  • Series-X-A, investment advisor Level-1 certification
  • Series-X-B, investment advisor Level-2 certification

Investment analysis and portfolio management are also growing field in management and commerce. For this, you need to have NSE certification in investment analysis and portfolio management. Variety of courses are available that guide investment techniques and trends in the stock market. Investment analysis and portfolio management courses have been introduced by many institutions.


There are several other certifications and designations such as chartered financial advisors, chartered investment management consultant etc you can have for increasing your credibility for an investment advisor.

Skills and experience

For investment advisor, you must have relevant experience in business or setting sales. You should have at least 5 years of experience of providing financial advice and must have the entrepreneurial quality to approach the client and give them services more effectively. Most of the time freshly qualified advisors from universities are not preferred or hired because they need experiences and skills to develop first.

Salary of investment advisors in India

The certified investment advisor form SEBI may get a pay scale of three to four lakh per annum. The average salary of an investment advisor in India is around three lakhs per annum. Although it keeps on increasing with years of experience and you will get promoted also.

How do you apply for registrations as an RIA?

First, you need to fill all the details and pay registration fees of Rs 5000 to registered in SEBI portal. Then you have to upload all other necessary detail and needed documents.

After further process and approval of your application, you need to pay the registration fees of Rs.10000 and then you will complete the entire process of registration.

These are some information related to becoming an investment advisor in India. To start working as an investment advisor you must have to fulfil all the above-mentioned criteria. Other details of the application process are available on the official website of SEBI. Where you can check other requirements for registration. Although some SEBI offices allow you to apply physically. So you can submit either online or offline application depending upon the state of your residents.

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