How social media making us unsocial?

We are living in the world which has been integrated with cyberspace over the last couple of decades in particular. Undoubtedly, technology has become an essential ingredient of our lives, and today we can skip our meals but the piece of technology. The most significant part of the technology that has been made human being addicted to it. And therefore, everyone these days own their devices such as computer devices, cell phones, tablets, and iPads.

 The digital world has changed the way of interaction & meeting

Over the years, social media apps and instant messenger have been evolved in a way that has changed the way people interaction and meeting with each other in real –life. On the other hand, experts do believe that this is an alarming situation for the humankind that social media has restricted us to our bedrooms. Due to obsession with the social messaging websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder and plenty of others alike. Today, we give dam care about the people closed to us to meet them in real –life.

Technology creates an immense sense of isolation worldwide

The technological revolution is creating isolation among the people all across the globe that has their mobile devices connected to cyberspace. Just think for a while how long you have not met with the person selling newspapers, and you have visited the food place? The answer would be pretty negative because cell phone devices have changed our way of life. Now you can read the newspapers online, and you don’t visit the food brand, you can use apps that deliver your food at your doorstep. You can buy anything using your mobile phone device sitting in your home, and you will get in instantly whatever you want.

Furthermore, we all are doing something in the digital world some of us are using social media apps, some of us are doing browsing activities and so on everyone has got engaged in their desired piece of business. Now we are used to making friends, loved ones and even get entertained with the use of the digital world no time ever before.

Interrupted communication in the social world

Today, we have plenty of friends that are online in the digital social world. When we are talking with someone in the instant messaging chat, suddenly we receive messages and notifications. So, we excused one person and turned our communication with the second one and so on. It means you cannot pay attention to someone in particular while you are doing a discussion on the digital world and at the end of the day, we weaken our relationships with our friends, family members and with the loved ones. Therefore, we agreed with the argument that social media is making us ant –social.

How social media impact teenagers?

The social, digital world is seemingly assisting the people of the long-distance in interacting with their family members and loved ones. On the other side, social media apps and websites are continuously creating barriers among the people and youth is one of the most affected communities of all time. Today, the young generation in terms of kids, tweens, teens and young adults are using social world even while walking on the roads, sitting in the classrooms beyond the school’s gates checking their cell phones all the time.

One thing comes in mind no matter how many friends and followers someone has on the social, digital world how would they able to help us. Excessive use of social networking creates isolation, and creates health issues, behaviour issues; they are getting groomed due to inappropriate content availability.

Virtual friends of anyone would not be able to beat real-life friends whatsoever. People don’t realize is that they are losing their real-life friends who help them out in their happiness, worries, and to have fun in real –life. The moral support in real –experience is the biggest blessing, but these days it is going to be restricted at social media posts where people like their posts and share their appreciation through words and icons. Nowadays, the world has become dependent on the modern piece of technology, such as the internet and cell phone devices in particular.


Therefore, we can say and have to agree with the argument that the digital social world social media, in particular, is making us unsocial and we forget the norms and culture that we have adopted from our predecessors.

Written by Sonia James

Sonia is a writer and editor at She is a keen observer of technology and loves to write on social media, mobile apps, digital parenting, and business development ideas.

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