How much Will it Cost to Build a Custom Gaming Website Using WordPress

In this modern era, gaming websites are gaining popularity. So, if you are making a custom gaming website with WordPress, it is vital to understand the cost that it requires.

Though the WordPress platform is free-to-use, a question arises: Why is it required to discuss the cost of making a WordPress site? This blog post will cover some of the extra things that cost your site. This additional cost is divided into the below-listed categories –

  • Domain Name
  • Plugins/Extensions
  • Web Hosting
  • Design and Themes
  • Developer’s Cost

Now, let’s start discussing the factors mentioned above that impact the cost of your site.

  1. Domain Name

The cost of the domain name is based on your requirements. They are available free to $1,000. In addition, choosing an eye-catching or memorable domain name is essential as it will be helpful in your business popularity.

Though there are many options available to purchase a domain name, GoDaddy and Namecheap are the two cost-effective options.

  1. Plugins/Extensions

You can enhance your site’s functionality by using gaming plugins. Though, WordPress offers you 59,000+ free plugins that you can use to add more features to your website.

Some of the examples of catchy gaming plugins are –

  • WP Shuffle Puzzle – This WordPress plugin splits site images into some parts and mixup them by missing a single piece.
  • CTL Arcade – It lets you turn your WordPress site into an arcade gaming platform.
  1. Gaming Design and Themes

If you have selected your domain name, it is now good to choose a suitable WordPress theme for your business. WordPress offers you many theme options, from free to upwards of $200.

These themes come in various specialties and shapes. Selecting the free version of themes for a test drive is recommended.

In addition, some of the cost-effective gaming themes are – Gameleon, PlayerX, YouPlay, Blackfyre, etc.

  1. Web Hosting

Nearly every site requires web hosting. Along with the domain name, you can get hosting from the same place. Some websites, such as, etc., offer you both.

Investing in a web host is one of the crucial choices you make. Taking the hosting services from kinsta will cost you approx. $30 to $900 per month.

  1. Development Cost

For specific design and features of your custom WordPress site, hiring a developer is one of the ways of creating it. Moreover, the cost of your custom site depends on your requirements, budgets, and the rate of developer you hire.

Additionally, you will have to pay approx. $1000 to the developer you hire for creating your site. This extra cost is in addition to the cost of your domain name and hosting.

Overall, hiring a developer is the most expensive to build your site from scratch. To bring this cost down, you can keep your site to fewer pages and reduce some of the features you require.

Moreover, you can also hire a WordPress development company to make your site fully functional and secure. It will also affect your cost as they will offer different services to you.


So, these were some of the cost-affecting factors that affect the cost to create a gaming site with WordPress. You must consider these factors to understand the extra cost required before making a custom gaming WordPress site.

Written by Johnson Lisa

I’m a software engineer with a background in the performing arts, customer service, and an avid volunteer. I specialise in intersectional web accessibility. Having a background in the performing arts taught me how to be quick on my feet, and creative with solutions.


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